Okay, granted, I ended up at the dr's office today, due to Mr. SinusInfection taking up residence in my right ear (Ears of Fire, part deux!) ....but, all in all, I'm really PUMPED about how many awesome things have happened this week:

**CoolTheatreTchr had complete faith in my ability to come into a production 24 hours before dress rehearsal...and be able to pull off filling in one of the major roles. She was very "chill" when it came to the idea that I might have to use a script on stage (cleverly disguised on my Oh-ficial Basketball Coach's Clipboard) and let me define the character on my own. I didn't have to stick to how the previous actor had been rehearsing the scenes. I'm sure I wasn't as "out there" as the other person was....but my take on Mrs./Coach Grubowski worked!

**The mini-cast that I worked with was incredibly good-natured about my screwups and just rolled with whatever I threw at them. (This is especially cool when you consider that a lot of times not even I was sure what I was 'throwing' until it was airborne!)

**I had had one of the kids, Buford, in class last year. In fact, he's the one that wrote the"yearbook signature" that said: "Ms. H, despite my unwillingness to sit down and shut never gave up on me. And for that, I thank you." Buford could most definitely work a nerve with his energy, lemme tell ya!! But seeing him in action onstage the past few days has made it all worth it. He is a natural. He can morph into any character and leave his original identity on the floor behind him like a dirty shirt. Incredible.

**One of the girls in our group was someone I had known from Hellion's class. I didn't get a chance to talk with her much until the past few days, while we were sitting...waiting. The more I talk to her, the more I'm convinced that I could adopt her. I have a huge amount of respect for someone who can step out and be a "geek" who gets good grades, while she's working on school publications, while she's running for Homecoming Queen....yet can still find time for a play where she has a role that requires her to dress up as a metalhead. (So TOTALLY the opposite end of the continuum, fo sho!)

**Last night's performance was a little rough in spots. One of them, in particular, was due to yours truly having an Alzheimer's Attack. MissPriss made sure to check my copy of the script after the show last night....and say "Yessss! I knew it wasn't my fault!!!" (And no, I didn't hit her. I thought about it. But I didn't.) So I made sure that I worked on memorizing the skeleton of my part....and although I had a small glitch tonight....I was able to slide the other line back in so that it didn't noticeably screw up the flow. (And avoid getting MissPriss's knickers all up in a knot!!)

**Tonight went really well. I had a good time with the role...I almost tripped going up onto the stage at one point, but I caught myself....but managed to meld in with my mini-cast.

It was FUNNNN!!!!

I hadn't realized how much I missed acting until this week. I just wish I had more time with this role, and this cast....I think it'd be a blast to see what we could do with it.

I wasn't nervous last night...I knew SingingGirl was going to be there, but I knew that she would cut me some slack if I screwed up.

**Tonight was another matter. I was a little spazzed about the fact that, in the audience, were sitting....




Last night, on the phone:
Me: "Do you want to come to the play tomorrow night?"
Buggy: "Um, no."
Buggy: "...but I will."
Me: "Good answer!"

(Please note: I did not have to haul out the big ammo: "Let's discuss how many COMPULSORY MEETS I went to last season....sure you don't want to reconsider?")

He, the new girlfriend, Novia, and Crazybrother were sitting right by the stairs where we came onstage. (It was in the lab theatre...and was staged 'in the round') I just knew my boys were going to make some wiseass comment that was going to make me break character....but I figured if I didn't look at them, I'd be peachy-keen.

I was right!

I did glance at them from time to time....but no eye contact was made. (Contrary to popular belief....I ain't no fool!)

During the curtain call, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was someone--one person--standing up I looked....

and it was....



It doesn't get any better than that.