Hand in the Air

I've gotta learn how to keep my damn hand outta the air.

As of 3 p.m. today, I am in the play being produced by the theatre department. They had a last-minute vacancy that had to be filled....and I thought it sounded like awesome fun (it's been college since I did any acting)...so I was at rehearsal at 3:30, did a quick run-through, and I now I have a part to learn by ...



Yeah. Dress rehearsal is tomorrow.

The show opens Thursday....with a performance Friday and Saturday.

Oiy vey.

The good news is that the part is a disgruntled coach...who has an attitude problem. (Translated: My costume is a windsuit and tennis shoes and a WHISTLE....and I not only get to be a SMARTASS, but I actually get to grab a kid by the collar AND smash his air-guitar to smithereens.)


I'm pretty jazzed about it. I told some of "my kids" about it tonight at the concession stand...I think they might try to come. (It may be the only way some of the ath-uh-letes ever see the inside of a theatre!!) HA

Yep....I went directly from rehearsal to the concession stand. Thankfully, Buggy and Crazybrother were there to help. They are incredible kiddos!

For those of you who were already making travel plans for my wedding....call off the travel agent. Things with NewGuy aren't going to go anywhere. He "didn't feel that spark"...so he "wishes me the best".

I was a little disappointed....but I got over it pretty quickly. As I processed our date over the past few days, I had realized that it wasn't what I wanted/needed it to be. Especially considering the questions I have about spiritual background.

So all in all, I'm really okay with it.

Because, even though it didn't go anywhere....


gotta go to bed. i think i'll put the script under my pillow. give that osmosis thing a try. (hey! it worked in college!)