The Dry Spell Hath Endeth

Today marked the end of an incredibly long dry spell both literally and figuratively. First, we got a BUNCH o'rain today (I LOVE it when I get woken up by thunderstorms!!)...second, I had my first date in a loooong while.
A long while.

I met him at Logan's Roadhouse for lunch, which took the scariness out of an Evening Date. It was a little odd at first, because my brain was trying to reconcile meeting him in person...with our conversations on the phone...and his profile online. (Yes, Nancy Drew, we did meet via an internet dating site! A fact which frightened my father just a little bit!) It didn't help that added into the mix was hearing my friend's voice in my head saying, "I know why you like him...he looks like Harry C, Jr." And he kinda it made it harder to do the math. (Darn ya CheesyGirl!)

He asked me soon after we were seated if I was nervous. I said, no...that very little makes me nervous. (I face down bonafide gangmembers everyday in my classroom...any nerves I used to have are long gone.) In retrospect, I realize that his asking the question must've meant he was somewhat nervous....which is weird to think that someone would be nervous about meeting me!! But that might explain (now that I think about it) why he put sweetener into his sweet tea! hmmmmmmmmm.

We had a good time....conversation seemed to flow pretty freely. Maybe not as freely as on the phone...but there were lots of distractions, what with the waitstaff and all. You'll be glad to know that I didn't do the typicalgirl "I'll just have a salad" b.s. Dagnabbit...I was HUNGRY and I wanted to EAT. Granted, I ordered grilled chicken...but it's because I'm not a huge steak person unless I know who's cooking it. There are way too many variables involved...way too many.

I was talking to SingingGirl on my way home from church a little while ago.....and told her that he and I seem to have lots of things in common. We share similar viewpoints on work ethic, politics...lots of things. In addition, it seems that our backgrounds are very similar. The one thing I'm not sure about is his religious background. For me, that's a conversation that needs to happen before too much longer. It feels like there could be something developing...but we'll have to see....

For now...I'm going to stick with "Cautiously Optimistic" as my verdict. I'll keep ya posted...