The Bug's Worlds Collide

Apparently Buggy wasn't too embarrassed about me meeting the girlfriend last Friday at the play. He's been dating her since about May....and September 22 was the first time I ever met her. Not sure why he was leery of his worlds colliding. Hmmmmmmmm. Could it be because I seem to hit it off almost too well with the women/people in his life...and we end up joining forces around him?!?! (hmmmmmm I wonder)

Last week after the play, I figured meeting her was a fluke that wasn't going to be repeated. Imagine my shock when he asked me if she could come help with the concession stand tonight. I said yes...figuring any teenage girl who was willing to come help out at a concession stand that's not even at her own school couldn't be all bad.

I am so glad I did.

She is the sweetest girl! she is incredibly supportive and patient and is a calming influence on him. (THANK GOD FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS!) I do believe my boy is realizing that relationships are not all about the physical...but are about the personality and the intelligence and the connection. (Up until now the concept of 'fidelity' hasn't meant much to him, apparently. Not so with Novia.)

She and I had a great time chatting and rolling our eyes at Buggy & Crazybrother's jokes. She cracked up every time I roasted Buggy for being I think he was probably a little nervous about how well we got along....which is probably why it took him so long to cowboy up and do it in the first place....but it's all good!

It'll be interesting to see what happens with them as he prepares to ship off for the Marines on July 10th. (Yep, it's pretty much a done the extent that they've actually given him a date.) I'm not sure if they're going to be a long-term kinda thing...I guess that remains to be seen.

Right now, I'm headed to bed because my keister has to be at Saturday school tomorrow morning. Aiy.