Bugg Time

I spent Saturday afternoon helping Buggy transfer...er, attempt to transfer....the video from Regionals from an 8 mm tape thru a videocamera to VHS.

It should have worked.

"Should" being the operative word.

We finally had to call his teammate/buddy to bring the originating videocamera up to Uberschool. When Shadow got there, he started fussing at Buggy..."MAN! I was watching it right before you called yesterday!! You better not have broken it!!"

To which Buggy made some sort of disparaging remark.

And there they went....

It was quite funny.

They argued like 2 little old women.

Of course Ms. H had to pipe in.

I looked at Buggy and said, "Oh no. Do you think you demagnetized it when you got it too close to your head a while ago? You know what the doctor said about that metal plate in your head....."

I CRACKED UP at the look on Shadow's face. (This was the first time he had met me....he had seen me at the meets, but he goes to another high school.) He could NOT believe I was 'roasting' on Buggy.

Nor could he believe that Buggy was sitting back and letting me hammer on him. He was even laughing. (As he gave me a high-five and said, "That was a good one, Miss.")


And yes, of course, the damn tape worked the instant Shadow plugged it into the camcorder.


It's alright though. The whole endeavor gave me a fair amount of time to hang out with The Bugg and re-connect.

He's turning back into the Buggy we all know and love. A little space-cadetish, a little zany, a little intense, and a little cranky...all rolled together in a sweet kid who's pretty protective of "My Teacher". (Even though he's not in any of my classes, mind you...I don't think I'll ever have any other name than "My Teacher" where he's concerned. And I'm okay with that!)

Hope you're having a good week!!!