I found out Wednesday that I will not be teaching during the second session of summer school. Although this means that I will not have as much "extra" money as I planned...I'm kind of relieved. It's nice to know that I'm going to have 2 weeks where I can simply putter around my house during the day, with nobody's schedule but my own to worry about.

It will also give me the opportunity to work on my tan. I haven't had one in such a very long time, as I've had a summer job since grad I'm THRILLED about the idea of hanging out by the pool. ahhhhh. (I'm especially excited about the fact since a couple of my female students have given me a hard time about how white I am. "Miss. We can see your veins...that is not normal. You need a tan." My response? "Hey! Some of us are genetically melanin-deficient!! We can't help it!!" much laughing and eyerolling ensued!)

I'm currently in Arkansas to help with the Relay for Life. My cousin and his family are very active in the American Cancer Society, as both of his children are survivors. Helping with the Relay has turned into a family event that brings us all closer together. I'm heading back to Texas on Saturday. It's gonna be a quick trip, but well worth it.