Shopping with The Bug

I spent Friday chauferring Buggy around to take care of some of his errands...and felt very much like the mom/aunt-adult-type person. During the excursion, we went to a home-furnishing type store to pick up a wedding gift for some friends of mine. While I was locating the gift, Buggy was trailing me...absolutely bored out of his gourd. After we had wandered through the towel aisle, he said, "See, this is why I hate going shopping with girls...they look at everything and it takes forever." *sigh*

I just grinned...and kept looking.

Apparently, he thought I wasn't he repeated himself.

With gusto.


Knowing full well I was about to channel my mother, I turned to him and said, "Do you remember that meet...the one that was compulsory...and the boys got finished first...and I had to sit through 75 floor routines of the EXACT SAME CLIP OF MUSIC? This is called payback, buddy."

He grinned and said, "Miss. I told you you didn't have to stay that night."

Me: "Buggy, you know full well I wasn't leaving until the awards. So, here's the thing. Each and every time you comment on how you don't like shopping with girls...I'm going to find 5 more things to look at. Just to prove my point. Got me?"

Buggy: *gulp* "Yes, Miss."

Me: *evil grin*

Today I took The Bug to get the requisite paraphernalia for camp. (Shirts, shorts, soap, etc.) At lunch, we devised our game plan of what he needed...then started with Academy for the clothes. Since he had to turn in his team uniforms at the end of the year, he needed shorts & shirts that are somewhat more close-fitting than he normally wears. (I totally don't get the baggy look, btw.)

When we got there, and he saw the price tags, he tried to tell me he was only going to get one of each. Let's do the math: the kiddo is going to be at camp for FOUR AND A HALF DAYS. There are multiple workouts each day....wherein the coaches are going to try their hardest to work his buggybutt OFF. As far as I was concerned, he needed at least 5 of each. He said no, that they were too expensive. I told him there was absolutely no way he was going to be known as "the stinky kid from Texas"....and he better get more, or I was gonna whoop him right there....and embarrass the snot out of him. And then, to make matters worse, he'd have to tell everyone he got the whoopin' from Ms. H.

He picked out 3 more.

Then he picked out t-shirts that color-coordinated. (Did I tell him he was more particular than some girls I've known? Nope. Not a word. But I sure did think it, though!)

Granted, we don't know for sure if they fit-fit....because he has an aversion to trying things on in the store. I told him if he called me from camp and said he ended up hanging upside down from the rings because his too-large shorts got caught...I was going to drive up there just to say "I told you so" in person.

The good news is, we didn't have to buy socks. Granted, they do most of their workouts barefooted....but even if they did need socks.....he's set. The outside summerjob has given him a rather impressive tan. And sock line. Apparently, today at practice, the team got to see it for the first time...and much fun was had by all. Even Coach V yelled from across the gym, "Buggy! Take off your socks!!"

We then went to Wal-Mart to stock up on soap, toothpaste, etc. The highlight of the trip had to be when he picked out toothpaste, and then became overwhelmed by the toothbrush choices. He voyaged over to get lotion, saying "I dunno, Miss. You pick one out for me." After I asked a couple of questions about bristles and brand...and got no help whatsoever...I told him, in a rather LOUD voice, "Keep it up, Buggy...and I'll get you this cute pink one."


"...or here's one with Dora. What do you think about Dora? You like Dora, don't you?"

Needless to say, I had a personal shopping assistant at my side PDQ.

It's going to be a great trip to Okie-land. I can't wait.