Back to Texas

A quick post before I start rounding up my stuff to head outta here.

Last night's Relay was incredible. I got to help with the registration table for Survivors...and it is simply amazing to see how many people have been touched by cancer -- and are still fighting. I met some ordinary-looking people with extraordinary stories. It is humbling.

My mother and aunt were in rare form last night. This guy came up to register, and he and I started bantering back and forth. (I've spent most of the weekend trading potshots with my I didn't even realize I was doing it with this guy at first.) Turns out, he knows my mom and aunt from the organization meetings they'd had.

Oh boy.

We joked around a little bit him registered, and he went on his way.

Here comes my aunt. "Oh, that was so and so. He was at the meeting. He's single."

I looked at her.



"Subtle. Real Subtle."

She laughs, shrugs, wanders off.

(my cousin, her daughter-in-law, cracked up!)

Here comes my mom.

elbow nudge. grin.

"He's single."

"Yeah, I know. Your sister's already been here."


In case you're wondering, this would be reason #647 Why I Live in Texas.