No, I did not get fired.

Why does everyone always assume I would be capable of getting fired??! (*evil grin*)

I am still under my regular teaching contract at Uberschool. I simply was "surplussed" from the second session of summer school. My class didn't make, so I've ended up with a couple of weeks of honest-to-goodness vacation. (I'm subbing for a teacher during the last week, but I figure by then I'll be ready to be around chillrun again!)

I went up to Uberschool today to clean out my summer school room...but it was really a ploy to check on Crazybrother. This young lad made the tragic mistake of being absent from school last Thursday....after he promised me he would go. His teacher (MyTeacherBuddy) called me Thursday afternoon to rat him out. I was at my cousin's house getting ready for the Relay when she called. When I found out he skipped...I was PISSED. I told her, "Holy crap! While I'm good and mad at him, I'm going to call him! I'll call you back."

This was in front of my cousin's wife's friends....who live in a totally different socioeconomic universe than Uberschool. This fact was driven home to me by the stupefied looks on their faces when I hung up with MyTeacherBuddy and stormed into the other room to call Crazybrother.

I fussed at him but GOOD. I promised him a PERSONAL wake up call on Monday morning. I then told him, "Buggy will be out of town at camp...I'm not teaching school next week...I will have nothing to do but focus on you and your attendance. YOU are my project next week."

His response?


I called him at 7:20 this morning...after much interrogation, he said he was in the parking lot at home. I told him he had 10 minutes to get to school.

I checked in with him during the first break...he did better today. He was only 5 minutes late....claimed it was because they had to let the car "warm up".

I quickly disabused him of that notion.

"It is SUMMER. Cars do not have to WARM UP in the SUMMER."


I told him tomorrow I was calling him at SEVEN A.M....to make sure his narrow behind was on the way to school long before 7:25.

And I always keep my promises.

To his credit, once he got there today, he was very productive. He's almost made up the credit for one of the 6-weeks he failed...so all the fussing is worth it. (Granted, there are many more to go, but you gotta start somewhere.)

I'm wondering if he realizes that my stamina for endurance-fussing will farrrrrrrrrr outlast his squirreliness.

He really should just give in now...think of all the energy he could save.

My plan for tomorrow, my first day of unemployment, is to muck out the closet in my bedroom. I have many many clothes that need to be extracted from the closet. They are now officially too big...and I'm going to get rid of them so they don't become my "failsafe".

After the mucking...there will probably be some poolside time. Woowheeee that sounds good!!

I have tomorrow and Wednesday to be productive before my next trip to Oklahoma. SingingGirl is going to go with me...I'm soverythankful her boss said she could have the day off. That rocks. I hope she has a good time Thursday...keep your fingers crossed!!