Much love to y'all who live in Oklahoma...but I have seen quite enough of your beautiful state for a little while. I drove through Oklahoma to get to Arkansas on Wednesday....back through to get to FW yesterday...and to and from OU today to take Buggy to camp.

That's a lot of Oklahomiles. Does that qualify me for citizenship?

I must say.....Woooweeeee I am ECSTATIC to be out of the car!!

We got Buggy checked in, fed, and safely handed over to the camp staff. It was pretty amusing to hear his reaction to the eversotiny dorm room.

"Miss. This. is. SMALL."

Yup. Welcome to community living.

Just be glad it doesn't smell like a boys' dorm....tiny without stench is doable. :)

The bad news/good news? His cellphone doesn't work up there. This was verrrry bad news to him: it might possibly drive him crazy...but I am thrilled. He'll be able to focus on his stuff...and not on the craziness going on at home. BUENO!!

I'm beat. It's time to veg-e-tate.