Time Well Spent

I am exhausted.

I made the voyage to Soonerland today to get Buggy. SingingGirl went with me...what a gal she is, I tell ya! It was great to have time to talk with her...granted, we talk everyday but we don't always have the time to go into a lot of depth. Today, as we churned through the miles, we got sur-i-ous. (As my students say!) It was incredibly cool.

Personal Shoutout:
Thanks, SingingGirl. You are a super human being, and I am glad to count you as my friend. Please let me know how I can help you on this journey you're on...I am here for YOU!!

Back to the Show...
We went to the gymnastics center, and got to see the end of "open gym." It never ceases to amaze me how humans can think, "I want to jump up here, flip around several times, spin, and I'm going to do it all without landing on my head." And they make it happen.


They then had the "show"...which is where the campers showed one of the new tricks they learned this week. They ranged from the kid on the starter-kit-p-bars all the way to Buggy and his teammate doing some intricate stuff on the vault and the p-bars. Verrry spiffy. What was even spiffier was watching the campers cheer for each guy who was about to do his trick. You could tell it meant a lot to the little guys. Awwww!

After the show, the campers had a chance to take pictures with the staff and get them to sign their posters and/or shirts. It's funny how the older guys tried to act all cool at the idea of getting their picture taken...as compared to the squirmy "hi I'm cute...and I LOVE the camera" little guys!! I offered Buggy my camera...and he kinda shook his head. I shrugged..."It's up to you." Then he did the "yeah, yeah" nod. We took individual pictures of him with staff members (who are on the OU team) ...and then I asked him if he'd like to take a picture with the other 2 guys from the team for Coach V. Again... head shake...shrug...yeah yeah.

So he gathers up the other 2 guys....who proceed to stand like SCARECROWS on the edge of the mat. I said, "How boring is this?!?! Do something a little more interesting than that!"



"Okay, whatever, it's your BORING picture....one......two....--wha?"

They had decided at the last minute to take off across the gym to find a better backdrop, leaving me to follow carrying 2 cameras, and Buggy's cd...trying not to fall into the landing pit under the apparatus!!

Me: Guys! I am wearing the wrong kind of shoes for this! Gimme a break!

Buggy: Miss. You're not supposed to wear shoes at all...it's easier barefoot.

Duh. Thanks, RocketScientist.

We finally land on the other end of the gym, with them in front of the OU Gymnastics logo. Much better!! I took a couple pictures with each camera...and they decided they were done.

Ah, boys.

We went to the dorm, where SingingGirl and I sat in the lobby and debated the merits of different JellyBelly flavors while Buggy went to take a shower. (I was all for him NOT smelling up the car on the way home...so waiting was A-OK with me.) We then packed him up, fed him lunch, and headed for the freeway.

Except we had to make a quick stop.

I collect lapel pins, and even though I'm not a huge OU fan (shocking revelation, eh?) I wanted one for my collection. This opened the door for much criticism from The Bug.

Buggy: Miss. You don't even like OU. Why do you want something from OU?

Me: Because.

Buggy: That's not an answer, Miss.

Me: It's a collection, Buggy. It's a way to remember places I've been...

Buggy: Oh.

Me: Especially places I've been twice in one week. Like Oklahoma.

Buggy: Oh. Gotcha.

Me: *Grin*


After obtaining the Coveted (Yet Detested) Item, we made the long journey back to The Promised Land. SingingGirl and I -- chitchatting. Buggy -- snoring.

Apparently camp left him tuckered out.

*insert evil laugh here*

In the words of the old dude from The A-Team: "I love it when a plan comes together."


When we got to Buggy's house, I helped him carry his stuff upstairs, so I could talk to his mom. She met us at the door, and didn't even let me get through the door without a big hug. She was so incredibly appreciative...it was humbling. She has a houseful of boys...who are ALL very "energetic" and "strong-willed" "characters". Wooweee, she's got her hands full!!!

We talked for close to 30 minutes. She expressed how thankful she was that I was helping her keep him on the right path...I mentioned that I wasn't trying to interfere where I wasn't wanted. She assured me that all of my help was appreciated, and I was welcome to treat him like my own. (I told her how I've fussed at him at times, and she said "GOOD!")

I told her how mad I was at him when I found out about the last fight...and that it was a good thing he talked to me on the phone...or I would have been knocking on the front door. She said, "You are welcome here anytime." -- with a pointed look at Buggy. (He looked a little nervous. HA!)

I told her how I'd told him "I'm going to be in the middle of your stuff til graduation."

And she hugged me again!

She turned to BuggyBrother (the little brother) and said, "When you get to high school, you can have Ms. H for a teacher, too." He gave me the MiniBuggyGrin.


Words can't express how much of an affirmation I received from this woman today. I've been feeling lately like maybe I was over-stepping my bounds with this family. Like calling and haranguing Crazybrother about going to summer school, and checking on Buggy via the wonders of textmessaging was too much. She assured me otherwise. She didn't bat an eye when I said I've been providing wake-up calls for Crazybrother....oh no, I thought she was going to hug me again!


I left the House of Bug feeling incredibly exhausted...but wholly satisfied. It was a long, hard road to get Buggy to camp...but it was definitely time well spent.