Summer School - Week 1

This past week has been insane. The combination of trying to realign a jacked-up sleep schedule to the crazy summer school timeline...where I am overhauling every last one of my lesson plans...has been a helluva challenge.

I think I've about got my sleep schedule lined back next week should be easier.

As for the overhauling of the lesson plans, that will continue -- even though I'm tempted moment-by-moment to revert to my old plans.

Here's the crazy part: no one is making me redo all my stuff. It's my decision. I realized that I was INCREDIBLY BORED with how I've taught Speech for the past 4 years -- and I wanted to make it more interesting as well as shift the focus to intercultural communication and conflict resolution. (Two topics that UberStudents are struggling with in the general population.)

I'm drawing on my background in Res. Life to open up a dialogue about cultures and personality and personal communication styles -- so it's easy as far as my skillset goes. It's just a pain in the keister to rethink through every unit and figure out what pieces to toss and what pieces to keep...and what new material/activities to insert.

My Grand Scheme is this. If I can carryout my overhaul through summer school...and make sure I have all the lesson plans, handouts, etc...organized before this session is fall is going to be a BREEZE where Speech is concerned. I'll just have to open the Magic Binder and voila'!! there it will be....

Which I will need, considering I'm going to be team teaching in two of my English III classes....and doing the computer training well as doing the junior class sponsor gig. Not to mention the Keep Buggy on the Path to College project. (I saw him the other day, by the way. He's working hard and apparently staying out of trouble. Thank heaven for small miracles.)

Holy cow. I get tired just thinking about it.

This is why Denial is such a great state to live in.