Buggy and the Worm

Not much to report....just continuing to work my keister off with my Speech class. They're REALLY good kids. Almost too good...it's a little eerie, actually.

I have a kid in my class who's trying to worm his way into my heart like Buggy has. He tried to pull the tough guy...I'm not doing JACK...act in class on day 1. He made a small mistake in that his eyes told me he was totally involved in everything that was happening -- even though he was trying to make his body say "Lady, BUG OFF."

During break on Day 4, I called him on it...started quizzing him about his English teacher last year, his grades, being on the football team, college, etc. I told him I could tell he was way smarter than he wanted people to know -- AND that he had probably gotten away with doing as little as possible for A WHILE. But all that was over now. He had met his match.

And I don't give up easily.

Especially when I can go and call in a favor with his counselor to put him in my English class next year....which means he's not going to get rid of me for quite a while.

He just grinned at me.

Blogland, say hello to Worm.

I saw Buggy today. I patronized his place of employment...and he was working his bugtail OFF.

Buggy: Miss, are you going to be coming by once a week to get your car washed just so you can check on me?

Me: Yes...do you have a problem with that?

Buggy: *Buggygrin* No, Miss, there's nothing wrong with that, at all. I've been doing good...and working hard.

--Turns out his boss thinks he and BigBrother are the best employees he has...even invited them to a major area sporting event with him and his wife. I told him I wasn't surprised one bit. I knew it all along.

What a kid.