It's all in the timing

All of the planets lined up just so today....and it was an incredible thing to behold. After my session with Satan, errr TrainerDude, I mucked out the back floorboard of my car and headed for my weekly BugCheck. I was a little nervous when I pulled in because I couldn't see the little critter...but I went ahead and gave my car to the attendant so I could go in and pay. As I came out....there was The Bug!!

Because it was overcast today, the carwash wasn't very busy at all. This meant he had some time to chit-chat. We discussed camp, the job, getting his driver's license, CrazyBrother, and the possibility of his boss letting him off he can go to gymnastics practice. Verrrry productive 5 minutes, if you ask me. Oh, AND I got his new phone number. VERRRRY useful for keeping electronic tabs on the boy....if I have "that feeling" that I need to check on him, now I can text him -- rather than drive to the other end of Ubercity to track his keister down. Wahooo!

As my car was coming through the rinse cycle, he said "Miss, I'll get my cousin to do your car."

I said, "What?! No! I want YOU to do did an INCREDIBLE job last time!"

He grinned..."But, I'm not on... Hold on. Lemme go clock in."

With that, he hauled buggybutt around the building in record time. He zipped back just as it was getting parked.
Apparently, they've never seen him move quite that fast, because the guy that was headed toward my car said, "Man! Why were you running?!"
Buggy said, "Naw, man, I got this one!"

When he finished, I walked up to him and asked, "Can I give you the tip, or do I need to put it in the box?"
"Yeah, you can give it to me." So I handed him the greenery I had left over from the Dr Pepper I bought earlier, waved...and drove off.

Tonight he called to tell me that I "made his day" when I gave him that tip. Awwww. What a kid! He's coming up to school tomorrow on his way to work to bring me his hardship license application to mail. (I told him I'd pick up the money order for him.) I had to warn him that he has a fan club in my he better watch out. (Two of my girls had a conversation the other day about how "fine" he is. Then they pulled me into it...)

"Ms. H!! Don't you think Buggy is fine?!? Come on, now...admit it!"

My response?

"Jeez, y'all!! He is MY STUDENT...I am so NOT going to admit anything of the sort. That's just gross! Can we please get back to work?"

"All right, Miss. But you know we're right."

His "appearance" tomorrow ought to be interesting, to say the least. Hmmm, I wonder if I should introduce him to Worm, his new "stepbrother."