After a looooooooooong drive through Oklahoma, I got home last night. As much as I love the parentals, it sure was good to sleep in my own bed. *sigh*

I spent absolutely ZERO time today doing work of any kind. And it felt GREAT!

I went to church, then went to lunch with SingingGirl and her niece, Pepe'LePew. The niece was a SCREAM! She's a very concrete thinker...so SingingGirl and I had a good time spitting out witty metaphors just to see the ...





I then went to a friend's house for dinner. Mmmmmmmmmmmm gotta love grillin' out! I just got home...and am going to leave my worksheet makin' and lesson plannin' for tomorrow. (I'm having a Scarlett O'Hara moment -- "Fiddledeedee...I'll think about it tomorrow.")

I found out today that Crazybrother didn't get the job he had told me about...but he's applying for another one at a grocery store. The upside: this one will allow him to do summer school. Yay!! (He needs to make up for lost time in a big way.)

I also talked to Buggy. Apparently a week of intense boredom was enough for him. (He was so bored at one point that he read a book for lack of anything else to do. I know..a book! With real words, even!! Shocker.)

He got a job...and has been working 3 days already!! WOOP! He's not sure if his boss will work his schedule for him to go to summer school....but he's going to talk to him tomorrow. If not, it's not that big a deal....it just means he only has one "no-period" next year, instead of two. (He passed all his classes, so he's AHEAD of schedule for graduation. Rarity, I tell ya!!)

When I did my mini-pout about him not being in summer school (which was mainly about me not being able to check up on him daily, if the truth be told), he said "Miss, I'm trying to save some money and stay outta trouble...isn't that what you wanted me to do?"

Good point, chief.

Darn kids are too smart. Can't argue with your own words, can ya?

The extra sweet part about his job...it's pretty physical work, and it's outside all day for long hours...so he's going to be WAY TOO EXHAUSTED to do much more than go home and crash at night. (Can I get a double-WOOP, please!!)

All is right in the world, so I'm headed to bed....hasta!