What a Day!

Due to the fact that Tuesday was a extended-length version of a "Ms. H Herds Cats in Uberschool" episode, I came home last night and CRASHED. (I fell asleep during House, woke up long enough to go to bed..and slept until 4:45 this morning. 8 hours in a row. wow!)

A couple of noteworthy events from yesterday:
  • The cookies I baked for my B-day classes went over WELL. They think I'm COOL.
  • I had a couple of breakthroughs with kids who have HATED me...they've finally realized that I had their best interests at heart.
  • The kids responded really well to the "Sign Ms. H's Yearbook" project. I got scrapbook papers from Hobby Lobby and some fun markers, and had the kids write me a note. (I'll post some of them tomorrow.) Then, I brought my "old school" camera to take each kid's picture, so I can make a scrapbook. (Many of our students avoid picture day...so I have to be creative if I want to remember the favorites...as well as the ones who "helped me grow professionally.") HA!
  • Buggy didn't go to court yesterday afternoon. When I talked to him last night, he said his mom didn't come to pick him up. When I asked why, he said she had been asleep. He was pretty bummed about it...thinks they're going to issue a warrant for him...so hopefully she'll get it together and call the court today to reschedule. Somedays I think maybe she should sign over guardianship to me...

I'm headed to WalMart before I go to school...for a HALF-DAY of bubbling!! WOOP!