The Buggy Update, part 2

I took the lead as we walked into MrAP's office. Before I could use my BountyHunterSpeak to let him know not to blast The Buggy...he let loose. (Apparently he had sent Security to Buggy's class to get him...and he wasn't there, so MrAP was a little cranky. Doh. My bad.)

Especially since MrAP is my evaluator. (Yep, it's true.)

To Buggy's credit, he did not get defensive or irritable or pissy. He answered all of MrAP's questions politely and completely...even using "yes, sir" & "no, sir".

When UberCop came in, I figured I'd get kicked out...but nope. I got to stay and watch the show. UberCop started asking Buggy about the timeline. He stuck to his story, which appeared to jive with UberCop's version.


Then, UberCop asked Buggy who the other kid was. I figured this was where the whole thing was going to go to hell. There's this honor among thieves b.s. -- where the kids won't rat each other out. All I could think was "roll, Buggy, roll!"

He described him...said he didn't know his name.

UberCop had MrAP pull up a couple pictures of "suspects"...asked Buggy to check 'em out. On #2, Buggy said, "Yeah, that's him."

That's my boy!!

UberCop seriously about did a happy dance!

"I've been waiting to get rid of him for A WHILE."

MrAP prints off EvilChild's schedule; UberCop goes to get him...I decide now's my chance to put in a good word for The Bug before I get kicked out.

Me: MrAP, I know that there's a progression to these things...but if there's anyway to keep from sending Buggy to alternative school, I think that'd be for the best. Alt. school would make him ineligible for gymnastics, and I really believe that's the only thing that's keeping him from making a whole lot more bad choices.

MrAP: At this point in the year, it's too late for alternative school. Ms. H, I know you have been trying to help Buggy, but at some point he's going to have to get smarter about the decisions he's making.

Me: (with the evil death stare at the bug) I totally agree.

UberCop comes in with EvilKid...who sits next to me on the couch. (yikes!) UberCop starts the grilling...EvilKid's story stays pretty true to Buggy's.

My favorite part...and I'm SO glad I was in there to hear this...was when UberCop was asking EvilKid about trying to start stuff back up afterschool with Crazybrother.


I know what you're thinking..."Crazybrother? Wasn't he WITH BUGGY AT THE HOUSE??? "

Umm. Apparently not. Apparently he was in front of the school...trying to fight EvilKid.

Note to the people: I ABSOLUTELY hate being surprised. The little punk lied to me.

No wonder he didn't want to accompany Buggy on The Long Walk.


As UberCop started writing the tickets for Buggy and EvilKid, MrAP turned to the computer to print out CrazyBrother's invite him to the party. MrAP looked at me and said, "Ms. H., CrazyBrother is in your 8th period class."

Normally, the Benevolent Ms. H would insert a good word for her chillrun...but not this time. Punkass lied to me...hell naw am I going to vouch for him!!!

"Yes, sir."

MrAP called EvilKid's AP to come to the party...and I decided that was my sign that my dance card had expired. I said my goodbyes...made my exit...and headed back to my end of the universe.

Along the way, and it's a loooooong walk, I finally had a chance to process everything that had just occurred. It was all I could do not to break into "The Ugly Cry"....the stress and heart-hurting was too much.



Crazybrother comes to my room. He tells me that Buggy got suspended, and has serious-on-campus-suspension til the end of school.

Me: Crazybrother, did you come back to school Thursday after school was out?
CB: No, Miss.

Now, I could repeat the exact dialogue that ensued during the NEXT SEVEN TIMES I ASKED THE SAME DAMN QUESTION...but I won't.

Suffice it to say, he finally broke and admitted it. THEN he told me that he and EvilKid not only tried to get into it...but there were APs RIGHT THERE, close enough to shut the car door to keep Crazybrother INSIDE the car.


All of a sudden I felt a-ok, peachykeen with not jumping to his defense.



Sunday Evening:

I talked to Buggy. He said MrAP and UberCop got after him about his having potential, and needing to not let "guys like that" derail him...etc.

I asked him if he had talked to Coach V about what happened.

Buggy: No.
Me: Why not?
Buggy: I don't want him to know. Miss?! Did you tell him?
Me: No. But don't you think it'd be a good idea to let him know why you're not going to be at gymnastics?
Buggy: We don't have practice anymore. The banquet was the last thing.
Me: Oh. I forgot about'd the banquet go?
Buggy: Fine. I got an award.
Me: For what?
Buggy: Gymnast of the Year.
Buggy: Miss. When Coach was talking about me, before he gave the award... he was saying all these nice things...about how I'm a leader, and I work hard, and all I could think was "I don't deserve this." I really wanted to give him the award back. I just keep messing up.
Me: Buggy...we all mess up. It's all about if we keep trying to do what we know we're supposed to.

One of the assignments I sent to Buggy today in SchoolJail was to write the essay from the college application we had been talking about in class.

Prompt: Describe a significant obstacle, challenge, or opportunity you have faced.

After school, he brought me the essay. (He really came to get Oreos...but he let me believe it was to turn in his paper.)

I'm having ethical issues with cutting and pasting it onto suffice it to say the kid feels what's going on. He talks about wanting to get out of the "dark hole we are living in" and being "thankful for the opportunities people have given me."

The part that got me was when he said he "doesn't deserve everything that people do for him.

Breaks your heart, eh?

But there is hope.

"From now on, I'm going to try harder than my best not to listen to those other people."

That's my Buggy!