Final Exam Day - Numero Uno


Buggy brought me the info packet for camp this morning. Along with the OU packet, he had an envelope from OSU.

Me: What's this?
Buggy: Miss. It's about college! (*big Buggygrin*)
Me: I realize that. Why is it from OSU?
B: *confused*'s a college. In Oklahoma.
Me: Yes, I know. I've been there. Why are they sending you stuff?
B:'s a college.
Me: Buggy...I don't get it. It hurt my heart to send money to OU, knowing I was going to be sending you there. Why oh why does another school IN OKLAHOMA have to be bugging you? I ask you...hasn't the state of Oklahoma done enough?
B: Miss.....?
Me: Buggy, I'm totally kidding!
B: Oh. Okay, Miss.

*Somedays I am sure he thinks I'm off my rocker.*

He left the packet with me, took his review sheet, and trundled off to day 3 of UberschoolJail.

I read through it...and got EXCITED!!! He is going to have a BLAST!! Granted, they're going to work his butt off in practice...but he's probably not even going to notice how tired he is. I can't wait.

The best part...they do an open workout/exhibition/awards gig on the last day of camp. I have decided I'm definitely going up there for that...I gotta see The Bug in top form. Coach V can just make the drive home without the Buggster. :)

As Promised...

Here are some of the notes the kids wrote for me:

Blatantly Truthful
>Despite my unwillingness to sit down and shut-up you never gave up on me, and for that I thank you.
>Even though I failed this class, I still learned a lot with your teaching.
>Wuts up Ms. H. It’s been real. Thanks for putting up with me. You’re like my white mother.
>I’m gonna miss your sense of humor and corny jokes.
>I have learned a lot in your class this year. I feel like I have grown and matured because of your wacky writing assignments.

Warm & Fuzzy
>Thank you for being there for me. You inspire me! I know at first we weren’t the best of friends, but I know when I leave I can call you a friend.
>I’m glad I was moved to your class because I really enjoyed it. I hope I will have as much fun next year as I did this year. Wish you were teaching English 4 so I could be in your class next year.
>Thank you for being so kind to me. You were the only teacher who really cares about her students. Take real good care of yourself.
>Normally I would say that my English class is my worst class but this year was different. I had tons of fun in your class and I’d like to let you know that you’re one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

From Kids I've Had 2 or More Years:
>I am so happy I had you this year in English III and last year in English II. You have really influenced me, because of you I made a 3 on my TAKS essay and I got “commended.” Though you may not realize it, I want you to know that you are the best teacher I ever had. I really appreciate all of your help. I had lots of fun while it lasted. Wish you the best of luck with the rest of your classes.
>I have enjoyed being in your class two years in a row. It has been fun getting on your nerves with my gum and tardies. You are a wonderful teacher. Wish there were more like you. Even when I’m gone I’ll be back to visit you!

Kids Who Have Been The Recipients of My "Fussing"
>Wuz Up Ms. H: Thank you for everything you taught me and for not judging me when I first came here.
>Even though you weren’t my teacher, you sure did act like it. You didn’t have to but you showed me you cared. Thank you and I will miss you very much.
>Hey H. I’m really glad I got transferred to your class and had fun and learned a lot. I never had a teacher who cared so much for me. I really appreciate what you did for me. I love you…take care and be happy forever. Don’t think you got rid of me yet, cuz we still got next year.