Final Exam Day - Numero Dos

Today was the 2nd (and LAST!) day of Finals.

Thank heavens!!

I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to make it...those children were workin' the nerves!!

I am working graduation, and we had rehearsal this afternoon....which was a case study in too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen. I, however, kept my row in stitches as we waited in line for over an hour. I walked up and down the row with the row-number-on-a-stick-whoomadigger -- threatening to "bean them with the number 3" if they didn't get back in line. I also spent some time introducing them to the person in front of them, and in back of they would know EXACTLY where they were supposed to be Saturday.

After that getting-to-know-you activity...we spent some time learning geography, or Graduate Positioning System, as I like to call it. "Look at the wall. No. Don't put your hands on the wall. You are NOT being arrested. Just look at it. Don't make me bean you! LOOK AT THE WALL...that spot, THAT SPOT is where you need to be Saturday night. THAT spot. Got it?"

I called Ubercity court today about Buggy's most recent ticket. After being on hold for 20 minutes, I talked to MsNiceHuman, who told me that he has a 'plea docket' on August 3. I asked her about the first ticket, and the fact he was supposed to go to court Tuesday (but didn't). She went to check that one, and said they've rescheduled his court date for June. She seemed to believe that they would 'roll' both tickets into that court appearance. He's supposed to be getting a letter in the mail about each one.

Here's the good news. They're not going to issue a warrant since he's a minor. (WOOP! Thank you, God.)

I told Buggy what I found out....and made him promise to call me the instant he gets those letters. (What I didn't tell him was, when he calls with that info, I'm going to set about finding a sub for summer school so I will be free that day!) I don't care what I have to do...but he is NOT missing another court date.

I'm headed to bed. Tomorrow is verify grades/checkout day...along with the faculty luncheon. Then we can finally consider 2005-06 Over and Done With. YEE HAWWW!