Educational Warm-fuzzies

I received my copy of the TAKS results today from the February ELA test. I was excited to see that a large percentage of my students passed. Although I know good and well that this was not all due to Ms. H's Amazing Teaching...(that I didn't magically insert every piece of English info into their little heads)... it did feel good to know that all the drama and transition with switching levels was worth it. My department head trusted me to get them ready for the test, and I did it.

Granted, there are a few of my kids who will have to re-take the Exit level test...but I'm pretty sure some extra attention on writing the essay will do the trick. (In Texas, they can pass each and every one of the multiple choice items...but get a 1 on the essay and "fail" the test.)

Also...after the season finale of Grey's Anatomy...I graded the essay of a kiddo I had a mini-heart-to-heart with today. He had a little bit of the walkabouts earlier this semester but has gotten back on track. His essay was INCREDIBLE!!! I can't even tell you how much that did for my little heart. Now I feel really good about the fact that I'm going to let him redeem a grade or two by researching some possible post-high school plans. He's worth it.

Okay...I'm going to bed. If I have to mold some young minds tomorrow...I should probably be awake.