Answers for your questions

No, I'm not finished grading the blasted junior themes yet.

Yes, I had planned to be done by today so I could kick back on my day off.

No, that did not happen.

Yes, I have a huge case of writer's cramp from repeatedly writing such phrases as,
"direct quotes MUST have quotation marks around them," all-time favorite...
"the complete lack of parenthetical documentation in this paper has resulted in your being assigned a grade of 48. please see me" .
Yes, my expectations for finishing these before Labor Day are taking a nosedive.

Yes, I am cranky about the previously-mentioned facts.

Yes, I'm now okay with not telling B-day their grades until Tuesday.

Yes, that is the last day before the final exam on Thursday.

No, I will not lose any sleep over that.

Yes, I am planning a truly EVIL semester that includes a lot of material about citing sources, punctuation, and how to USE QUOTATION MARKS.

Yes, that sound you hear is, in fact, my maniacal laugh.