Things I Love...and Don't Love

Things I Don't Love...
*Day 1 of Library Research with my 11th graders.
*Buggy telling me he was mad at me for spilling the potential-fight-with-3-guys beans to his mom.
*Having to line Buggy out about being hardheaded.
*Coach V telling me he might be able to drive Buggy to camp (if some of the other guys from the team go)...because it means I won't get to.

Things I Do Love...
*Knowing how great a time Buggy will have at camp with his teammates.
*The smile I got from Buggy when he saw us come in and sit down.

*Hearing 4 LOUD women yell for Buggy during his district meet.

Things I Don't Love...
*Buggy falling twice during floor routine...2 nights in a row.
*The heart attack I had each time and every time he smacked the floor.

Things I Do Love...
*Seeing Buggy bounce away from a 9.45 on the parallel bars.
*Knowing that he'll do even better next year after he goes to gymnastics camp.

*Buggy falling on his landing for vault.
*The heart attack I had when he smacked the floor.
*Watching Buggy limp away from the vault.
*Hoping his being mad at me wasn't responsible for his lack of concentration.
*Taking him a bottle of water, and finding out he had fallen ON HIS NECK earlier in the afternoon.
*Being terrified he wouldn't qualify for regionals due to his performance on floor and vault.

*Watching Buggy place 10th or better in 4 out of 6 events...& QUALIFIED FOR REGIONALS!!!
*The smile on Buggy's face when he won 5th All Around...& QUALIFIED FOR REGIONALS!!!
*Realizing that Buggy's disappointed reactions to his performances did not predict whether the judges thought he was good enough to advance to regionals. (YAY!)

*Buggy's laugh when his fanclub discussed their "We're for Buggy" tshirt design.
*The Buggyhug that tells me he's not mad at me anymore.
*Feeling like 4 loud teachers might've made a little bit of difference in the heart of a hard-headed young man.

*Mockingbirds chirping incessantly outside my window all night.
*Waking up at 3 a.m. to mockingbirds still singing outside my window.
*My mother returning my phone 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday.

*Seeing -21 pounds since January 11 on the scale.
*The first 3 songs on Natasha Beddingfield's Unwritten cd.
*My new Cardio playlist on my Ipod.
*Doing cardio with my new playlist.
*The endorphin rush after the Cardio-inspired cardio.

*Repeatedly walking around Yogachick's floormat to get to the circuit machines.
*Getting beat to the inner thigh adductor machine 4 times in a row.

*Finally picking up my package (with Gap jeans inside) from the leasing office.
*The sound the zipper makes on my new size 14 jeans.
*The way my butt looks in my new size 14 jeans.
*The bagginess of a previously tight XL t-shirt.
*Realizing that it's about time to purge my closet of the "up sizes".
*Finding a pair of coolmax workout pants on CLEARANCE at Target.
*My cute newly pedicured toes...Opi Red, baby!
*The manicure on my skinnier fingers as I type.