FINALLY! A good day!

Holy crap. I don't know what took it so long to happen, but I finally had a good day with the munchkins. Granted there were still times they couldn't shut up, but overall they were very responsive to my discussion about Of Mice & Men. YAY! And they listened when I told them what is expected of them next time in the library. Will they do it? Who knows. But at least they pretended to be listening today! :)

Buggy came by for lunch...(I've figured out that if I feed keeps him out of the Ubercafeteria and away from the "friends".) Small price to pay, I say.

He said his wrist was hurting him from when he broke it a year ago. Turns out, the wrist and the back injury affected his performance at District, Night 1, tonight. He landed on his butt during the floor routine, which is usually his strongest event....and wasn't on-point on the rings.

I felt for him. I can always tell when he walks off from the dismount how he felt he did. And, no matter what the score says later on...I have a hard time figuring out whether to believe it's good or bad until I see his reaction. Yes, he's too hard on himself...but I think that's what keeps him going at times. (Otherwise he would've followed his older brothers' paths a long time ago...)

On the other hand....he KICKED ASS on the vault!!! Tonight was compulsory (yawn!) but he turned that boringdamn routine into a thing of beauty. That walk away from the dismount had nothing on that whole moon-landing-walk-footage!!

Lemme tell ya...the kid is AMAZING!!!


I had met his mom a few weeks back at school. She seemed nice...we chatted for a minute...but that was it.

Apparently the boy has been talking about me to his mama.

When, she came up the bleacher stairs tonight with B's uncle and li'l brother to sit across the aisle from my friend and I....and she saw me, she came over to say hi...and hugged me! You'd have thought we'd known each other forever. It was pretty cool!
Oh, and the little brother? A CUTIE! Just a charmer.
After BuggyMama introduced me to BuggyBrother...
BB: I came to Buggy's school on a field trip.
Me: No way!! When were you there?
BB: Way! A couple weeks ago.
Me: What? I had no idea. I wish I'd known...I could have come and said hi!
BB: *grin*
Me: Did Buggy know?
BB: Yes.
Me: OOOOOO! You tell him he's in big trouble! Next time you come to school, you make sure he tells me ahead of time, okay?
BB: *grin* Okay.
dammit. I have a feeling I'm going to have to stay at Uberschool another 6-7 years till the BuggyBrother gets there.
At this rate, I'm never going to leave.

Later on into the meet, when he had finished all the events except for the vault and we were waiting...BuggyMama came over and sat by me. We talked for a good hour. About Buggy, Crazybrother, as well as the older brother I had in my class my first year at Uberschool (who I HATED by the way!) name it.

sidenote: Buggy will tell anyone who'll listen that I had BigBrother...and hated him. "But she likes me." awwwwww!

I had always figured by the way he acts that he was raised right...but had kinda fallen into believing she chose not be as involved as she maybe should be. After talking with her, I now know that she would love nothing more than to be at every single one of his meets, and any other activity possible...but simply can't.

Transportation, working long hours, etc...all the little things that are not problems for me, are things that stand in the way when you're a single mom with 3 kids. She was so appreciative of my being there for Buggy...and keeping him in check. I walked away feeling like I'd made a new friend...and we're going to be pretty powerful allies in getting this young man to college.

I don't know if she knows about my plan to send him to college in Wyoming...but I figure there's plenty of time to unveil that plan. tee hee hee.

See? What'd I tell ya?

It was a good day.