Greetings from the Spaceship

Yes, I'm sure you thought my blogsilence meant I'd been abducted by aliens. Perhaps you were even hoping....meanie that you are!! tee hee hee.

Nope! I was having some "issues" which kept me from being in a blog-worthy state.

Let me 'splain....


After church, I went to Southlake, TX with my friend, SingingGirl. We were going to go to THE CONTAINER STORE and then grab lunch.

We were very excited. We love The Container Store.

As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Yup. I was driving. And, since I was driving, Mr. Policeossifer wanted to visit with both welcome me to his fine city, as well as to invite me to a fundraising function he was the conclusion of which he asked for my autograph.

Yep. I got a speeding ticket.

My second ever. My first in 16 years. (Not that I haven't deserved more....but that's a whole other Oprah!)

Apparently, I was going a little fast, and that requires me to donate to the KeepSouthlakeSlow fund. We're not even going to talk about the amount. Just let's say, I could throw an extra 75 in, and it'd cover a Buggy-worthy fight in Ubercity.

So, needless to say, when I got home...I wasn't in much of a mood to blog. I was kinda pissed at the world....and myself. I also had to spend some time organizing the BoycottSouthlake campaign. No one in my family is allowed to drive through, or spend money in, Southlake, until I am off probation.


Monday & Tuesday:
Worked my ass off at school, and then went to work more of said ass off at the concession stand. The concession stand was good times, though. I got to watch Buggy work his magic on the female- softball-watcher-population. Impressive.

It's a good thing I didn't have much ass left after Monday and Tuesday...because it would've taken PissyAP a lot longer to chew it today. Long story short, I have a student who got jumped in the hall Monday and responded by fighting back. (Remember the fight I helped squash in NeighborTeacher's room? Yeah, those guys.) He got sent to In-school Suspension. I saw him in the hall yesterday...and he apologized for disappointing me. He knew how much I wanted him in class for junior theme, and he was really sorry he let me down.


So I told him to see if the ISS teacher would let him come to the library to get his he wouldn't get behind. If they said no, I would pull the research for him, and send it to him. He said okay, and gave me a hug...and said "I'm sorry" again.

Today, he shows up during 6th period for class. I ask if he got permission. He says yes. I said's what you need to do.

He worked.

The entire class period.

choirs of angels

Class ends. I send him back. All is well.


Fast forward to 3rd lunch: Buggy is in my room, eating lunch. PissyAP comes to the door with FightingStudent....starts to come in, sees Buggy, says, "Ms. H. could you step into the hall."

I do.

PissyAP: Ms. H, have you seen this student today?

me: Yes, he came to class 6th period to work on his research for junior theme.

PissyAP: Ms. H, are you aware he was supposed to be in ISS today?

me: Yes. He told me he had permission to come to the library.

PissyAP: Did you check with anyone to verify the story?

Sidenote: Why IN THE HELL would I want to doublecheck a kid's story when he might be lying about having permission just so he can come to a LIBRARY TO DO RESEARCH?!?!?!?!

Me: No. I didn't have ready access to a computer in the library, as I was helping kids with research. I put him to work, and got started helping other kids.

At this point, PissyAP is almost beside himself with anger. He is visibly emoting sparks and lightning bolts. He takes a big breath...getting ready to yell....


makes a big production out of calming himself before he speaks.

At which point (are you ready?)



"Miss H. In the future.

When you have one of my students.

And I've placed them in Choices (ISS).

That is where they need to be.


I just looked at him.

I could NOT believe that I was actually being spoken to like this from a member of my administrative team...much less that 2 of MY students were witnessing this, as well as several students from the room next door.

Through the static-y tunnel, I heard my innervoice: You have got to f-ing be kidding me. I thought. No way in hell is this actually happening.

From the big nasty rude man in front of me, I heard:

I said: Yes.

He dismissed me, and walked off with FightingStudent.

I walked back into my classroom....where Buggy was NOT happy.

Buggy: Miss. What was that all about?

And I gotta admit...I was doing a small bit of under-the-breath ranting. (Which I'm sure Buggy heard.)

Who in the world do you think you are talking to me like that? Nobody talks to me like that. And the only people who might even POSSIBLY be allowed to stick their finger in my face are the people that conspired to put me on this planet. Not you. You have got to be kidding me.

Buggy: Miss, why didn't you tell him off?

Me: Because that would have been a bad idea in the long run.

Buggy: Why don't you go stick his tires? You'll feel better.

Me: No. I'm going to take care of this...but not like that.

Buggy: Well, can I?

Me: No.

Buggy: Why not?

Me: Because you'll get in trouble.

Buggy: But Miss. I can't let him talk to my teacher like that.

Me: (feeling overwhelmed by the riptide of emotions) Buggy, while I know that your heart is in the right place and you're only wanting to help me out, and I appreciate your emotional support....please do not do that. I'll take care of it through the appropriate channels.

Buggy: All right, Miss. But I don't like it.

Yeah, me either.


Yes, I should've checked. I admit that. I know I should have. I usually do. This time. This one time, I didn't. But that gives him absolutely NO right to talk to me like that. Ever.


MyAPBuddy told me to go talk to Uberprincipal about it. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.