That Which Does Not Kill Us...

is supposed to "make us stronger."

I've always found comfort in that quote...but after the week I just had, I'm wishing the process of making one stronger was not so damn painful.

Thursday morning found me in Uberprincipal's office. I am not one who hangs out in her office, "updating" her on things....I prefer to stay farrrrrr under the radar. But, because MyAPFriend assured me I needed to do it....I did.

I cowboy'ed up and led with my error.

I 'fessed up rightupfront that I had let a kid stay in class when he should have been in schooljail.

Uberprincipal was not happy. Seriously not happy.

I assured her that that was the first time I had ever done that.

And then I told her the entire story....starting with FightingKid's interactions with me, and the fact that I can get him to work for me when others can't....up to, and including, each detail of PissyAP's confrontation of me in the hall. (Including the fact that Buggy and NeighborTeacher's kids were hearing the entire thing.)

At this point, I started tearing up, and the throat started being non-responsive.

Apparently, I was crying.

My thought: DAMMIT!

Note: I rarely cry. And by "rarely" I mean....RAREly. Sure, I get teary during touching scenes in movies....but as far as "hey! Ms. H. is doing the ugly cry"...that almost never happens. People can stomp all over my feelings with combat boots, and not a tear falls. But let me get seriously pissed off...and ooooweeee! here come the tears.

Granted, I knew where the waterworks were coming from (serious anger) but Uberprincipal thought I had had my feelings hurt by PissyAP, and she was very understanding.

Through the tears, I told her, "I have been here 4 years...and have never been spoken to like that by an administrator. Granted, I screwed up, but there was absolutely no reason for him to confront me like that in front of students."

Uberprincipal switched from not being happy with not being happy with PissyAP. She acknowledged that "he should have handled that differently."

No, it wasn't a declaration of "He'll be FIRED today!" but it was satisfying none the less.

When I talked to MyAPBuddy later on, she said she believed Uberprincipal would definitely
"address" it with him.

I sure hope so. I also hope he realizes he better watch his tone with me....or we're going to have some serious issues.



The more I talk to people about this little event, the more I am hearing that others have had similar experiences with PissyAP. Apparently, he's all about intimidating people.

I'm beginning to think that the reason I had to endure that horrific scene was so I can spread the word, get people to "inform" Uberprincipal, and he can be held accountable for his crap.

He's messed with the wrong duck. If he was going to mess with someone, he should NOT have messed with someone who has it hardwired inside her about what "should" happen. (Especially one who HAS a principal's certificate and knows what his boundaries as an AP are.)

I have a hard time with people who don't act like they "should" in the workplace.

Newsflash: If you are belittling people, and intimidating them simply because you have the power to document them at your whim...then you're not acting like you "should". "should" be held accountable for that...and definitely not be allowed to keep perpetuating that crap. And if that involves my "informing" the principal....then that's your own damn fault.

He also should have been careful about messing with someone like my mother's daughter. See, my mom is pretty social...always knew a ton of people in any town we lived in. She also was very vocal. If something needed to be said or taken care of, she got busy and took care of it.

She raised me.

I am her. (Frightening though that may be.)

Don't you dare come after me, and think I'm going to roll over and play dead. No sirreeee. I may not play your game by confronting you back in the middle of the hall, and giving you a reason to write my ass up....but I sure won't let it go by without doing something about it.

And while I'm doing it...I'll make sure and spread the word to my people that they should break their silence of shame too.

Moral of the story: he shoulda neverrrrr stuck that finger in my face...especially with that "tone". And that is one lesson he's apparently going to have to learn the hard way.