Sneak Attack

There's nothing quite like the element of suprise when a teacher is waiting for a student outside their class. Unless it would be the visible epiphany on that student's face -- when they realize exactly why you've given up part of your conference period to track their narrow butt down halfway across Uberschool.

Let me just reiterate yesterday's main point...I don't get teenage boys. Their "logic" makes absolutely no damn sense to anyone else. Period. Take these snippets of our conversation today, for example:

Me: What ever made you think it was a good idea to fight THREE guys? At once?
Buggy: Miss, I would have won.

(Please note I didn't bring up his small-ish stature. Reality checks should not include personal attacks.)

Me: What if they had had a weapon? A gun?
Buggy: I guess I'd a gotten shot.

Me: You do realize people die from gunshots?
Buggy: We're all going to die someday.
Me: True. But does it need to be in front of the school...during passing period?

And just when you think they're hardheaded...and you're not getting through to them:

Me: YEARS were shaved off my life when I found out yesterday. I LIVE for the day when you realize that all of these nearmisses were totally unnecessary. I can't wait to get a postcard in the mail from you that says, "Miss, I get it now."
Buggy: Miss, it'll probably say "Thank you."

I'm really thinking the child needs to go to college in North Dakota. Perhaps Wyoming. Somewhere far, far away from all of this craziness.