Sometimes Pride is a Good Thing

The last Thursday night before Spring Break was faculty appreciation night at the citywide gymnastics meet. I had been invited to attend as "Buggy's" special guest. At the beginning of the meet, they announced each teacher's name and school. It was verrrrry heartwarming to see students clapping for their teachers. Awww!

It was also a little disappointing because, although we have a TON of teachers at Uberschool, I was the only one in attendance from our school. Granted, my 2 teacher friends who usually go with me had their graduate class, and couldn't go. (They considered skipping class...but decided that wouldn't set a very good example!) But that doesn't excuse the other folks. I get somewhat tired of hearing our faculty gripe about the bad press they get from the other schools in town. But ya know what? Those other schools? They had an incredible showing from their faculty at the meet. I know...I sat in the middle of 'em. All by my lonesome! (Buggy's mom wasn't there, it really was just me!)

Enough about that...

The meet was incredible! Buggy is incredibly talented...even though he has been competing for a far shorter time than any of the other guys. I've been to most of the meets this semester...and never get tired of watching him defy gravity. I am in awe.

I don't have children of my own yet...but I'm not sure I could be any prouder of them than I was of Buggy when he won first place overall. He's an amazing kid who has already overcome a ton of drama in his short life. Given some of the stories he's shared with me, I'm not sure where he gets the drive to keep trying somedays, but I am so incredibly proud of him for doing so. It would be so easy for him to fall in with his buddies that are up to no good...and to waste the amazing academic and athletic gifts he's been given. My hope is that he can make it through to graduation and on to college...and will finally break a lot of the destructive cycles that are in play in his home life. Please God.

District is in 2 weeks...and I think he's got a pretty good shot at winning. I may have to take one or two "personal" days to attend the meet....but I figure it's for a good cause. Ya know?

Oh yeah, and I sure did make sure that I sent the results out via email to the rest of the faculty. (He's the only one on the team from our school...and the coach is based at another campus.) Given all of his machissimo bravado, he is a very humble kid...and doesn't go around bragging. I wanted the other teachers to realize just how talented he is...maybe their encouragement will help bolster his desire to stay the course. Here's hopin'!