End o' Denial

I came to a rotten conclusion today.

Apparently, I'm not Superwoman. I know, shocker.

I was incredibly productive early this a.m. and printed off labels for my kids' envelopes. (Where they will keep ALL of their crap for their theme.) I wanted them to be uniform, and legible!

I got to school and spent 1st period conference making copies and pestering the hell outta our LanTech about my printer (remember? the one with the RIP error?)

Turns out I didn't make all my copies.

I got into 2nd period...where TooCranky was doing everything possible to show me she didn't have to listen to a blessed word I said. The ONLY thing in her favor was that she actually did her homework. Otherwise, she'd have been in the hallway.

Then, we got close to the end of class, and I went to hand out my nifty Note-taking worksheets, complete with index card templates...for realistic practice. Then, I went to grab the How-to Handouts.

Except I couldn't find them.

That's because I didn't make copies.


So....rather than explain the MLA format for every form of resource material...I made them hand over the other handouts, and moved on to handing out the envelopes with their nifty labels. Since I now had plenty of time (aargh!) I was going to have FrontRowOCDJoe label the envelopes for 3rd period.

Except I couldn't find them.

That's because they were still on the printer at my house.


I couldn't even print them out in NeighborTeacher's room real quick. Why?

Oh yes, because my printer is BROKEN!!


At the end of class, I lined out TooCranky. Told her if I had another day like this with her, I would not only move her away from anyone she might even pretend to think about wanting to talk to...but would also call her mother FROM CLASS...and write her a referral. She had the nerve to toothclick at me about holding her after the bell. I said "You wasted my time during class....look at me...now I'm wasting your time during passing period."

painintheass kids.

3rd period couldn't shut up.

I know. Shocker.

I hate split lunch. It makes them psychotic.

During lunch, I gave Buggy the registration form. We talked about summer school and which session/camp he'd go to. He told me he was willing to do community service for his ticket.

A month ago, he said he'd rather spend 2 days in juvie.


I also asked him to please please please keep a low profile during lunch and passing periods....so he doesn't get scooped up with his "friends" by the administration or the gang unit. (Who has been dropping by since the shooting...) He promised.

I went to an inservice this afternoon about gangs. It's some great info...and I will post about it soon. Not now, though.

I've got to be at school pre-6:45 to make copies, and will go from school to district gymnastics tomorrow night. (And it's "away"...during rush hour. Yippee.)

Keep your fingers crossed for Buggy! He has a great shot of making it to Regionals.

Peace out, homies.