No More Words

I talked all day. Allllllllll day. I am tired of talking. I never thought I'd hear myself say that...but I am. I have expended too much energy today...and I must go to bed. Soon. Here is the Tuesday-update: Reader'sDigeststyle:

Classes were okay. We hammered thru Jr. Theme timeline. Ad nauseum.

Almost every kid of Hispanic or Mexican or Latin or Puertorican descent walked out of school today in protest of immigrants' rights. I am not upset with them taking a stand on something...but I am upset with them because this is a painintheass ... because I will have to catch them up on the entire spiel about the theme. dammit.

I helped NeighborTeacher squash a fight in her room. Ended up leaving my kids alone (good thing a lot of kids were out in protest, I guess!) so I could help talk her kid off his rant. It felt good to get through to Crankypants...but I was exhausted after.

I found out that the kid that was picking a fight with Buggy a coupla weeks ago...the one that earned Buggy his nickname...actually shot another kid yesterday. I had a heart-to-heart with Buggy on the way to the concession stand about how that could've been him.

We worked our butts off at the concession stand. If you want to know what $500 worth of nachos, cokes, and candy loos like...look at my feet. I'm not sure they'll ever be the same! It helped that Buggy is a great worker. He's very organized and neat. It helps that he's a math whiz. I put him in charge of the dinero, after I decided that the other girls were spazzes.

When we had slow periods, he would sit down however...but I was okay with his laziness, because he brought a BOOK to read.

Yes, folks. A book.

And yes...that would be the Life Strategies book I mentioned yesterday. Apparently, he's into it.


This afternoon I got a phone call from OU....they're sending me brochures. I didn't get a chance to ask about scholarships...Buggy was standing right there. I'll call dude back tomorrow and ask.

I just got online and found that the brochure is on the website too. WOOP! I asked Buggy tonight about insurance...he has it. So we're good to go. Just gotta send in the form & $100 deposit. Double WOOP!

Heading to bed. Nite.