Best Laid Plans...

I should get my money back from the FranklinCovey time management seminar I took. That whole thing about creating your action plan for the day being a good way to increase productivity...pure poppycock!!

First...I didn't leave the house at 6. I would have, if I hadn't decided I needed a new pair of jeans. And if Gap didn't have a website...AND if they wouldn't have had my favorite jeans in stock! That took some time. Then, I piddled around getting ready. Not really sure what happened, but I didn't leave my house til 6:30. That's okay...I got to school and didn't get to take care of my LEP ratings. The entire ESL department was testing, so I was off the hook for today. Tomorrow, however, is another matter. YIKES!

I had a great time with my 3rd period class today. We were watching the movie...and talking to the characters as if they could hear us! It rocked!! They all thought I was a sap for being so upset about Carlson wanting to shoot Candy's dog. They were like "Miss. It's a dog Come on." Even Buggy looked at me like I was a little "off". One girl came back late from lunch..and the rest of the kids were talking up the fight between Curley and Lennie so much that we had to rewind it so she could watch it. She PHYSICALLY ducked each and every time Curley hit Lennie. I couldn't take it...I laughed so hard I snorted! I love my kids!

Don't know too much else. I'm headed to watch the flying Buggy's antics on the gymnastics apparatus. More later.