Buggin' Out

So I went to the gymnastics meet. And I must admit, I was warned that it would be "boring". (Since it was a compulsory meet, they all have to do the same elements of a routine.) They can mix 'em up....but it's the same stuff over and over and over. Oiy vey.

I admit, it makes my heart stop to see Buggy do his best to outsmart gravity....but tonight was actually too safe. (Except for when he about dismounted on his head...ouch!)

And THEN the girls' events lasted eversomuch longer than the boys'. I sat there a good 45 minutes...bored off my butt, hearing the exact same snippet of music for each of their 75 (maybe a small exaggeration) floor routines. I'm never gonna get that outta my head. Even the McDonald's song would be preferable! (Doo-da-do-do-doooo...I'm lovin' it!) I shoulda taken my new book in with me. Drat!

It was worth it, though. Buggy placed in every event, and came in 3rd overall. This kid from a hoity-toity school won first...is it wrong that I wanted to give him a swirly?

Afterwards, the head boys' coach had our team get together for a meeting. Buggy held up the "wait" finger, so I did. He came over to walk me out. (Awwww, see, he was raised right!)

Me: "Could you introduce me to Coach V?"

Buggy: *Gulp* "Yes." (I have a reputation for ratting out kids to their coaches...heh heh.)

We walked across the mats toward the office.

We went into the office, and Buggy introduced us...we shook hands.

Coach V: (with a very serious I-really-mean-this tone in his voice)"Thank you for your support. And your help in keeping this young man out of trouble."

Me: (with a devilish grin at Buggy) "Oh, you don't know the half of it. It's good to meet you in person."

Note: Coach has absolutely NO idea about the nearmiss in front of the school a week ago.

Note: Buggy has absolutely NO idea that Coach and I have been conversing via email.

Buggy about had a cow.

Coach and I just chatted (read with a Texas drawl)....about the KU sweatshirt I was wearing, his family that lives in Lawrence, the big storms in Kansas last week, my hail damage, etc. It was ever so enjoyable! :)

In my peripheral vision I see Buggy --barely hanging onto "cool" by his fingernails.

After a few minutes, Coach and I shook hands goodbye, he thanked me again, and I say "we'll be in touch." He thanked me yet again...I left with Buggy.

Buggy: (Walking me across the gym, looking at me with the questionface.) "What were you going to tell him?"

Me: "Oh nothing, Coach and I have already been chatting via email."

He looked like he swallowed a bug.

Me: "Does that make you nervous?"

Buggy: "Yes."

Me: "Good."

I'm going to just let him sit and stew on that one.

Remember those gray hairs you gave me? Paybacks, buddy!!

(Sidenote: I had another teacher offer to chip in with camp...if Coach and I can figure out the insurance thing, we might be a go!)