Ponderings for Perusal

E -->I
If anyone ever doubts the whole concept of a continuum, espoused by Myers and his buddy Briggs....just let me serve as proof. I am the Extrovert-Introvert continuum with skin. Since I spend every day wrangling chillrun, I truly look forward to my alone time. With the impending return of my quasi-roommate and her new bambino, the time I spent alone on Saturday, frittering around the casa, was truly sacred.

I -->E
Our department Christmas party was Saturday night...and I was actually looking forward to it after a day of "frittering". There was plenty of good food, good conversation, good rum, and some not-so-good Karaoke. (It truly does help to enjoy karaoke when you're just a little lit.)

A.R.M.Y. Life can S.U.C.K.
The quasi-roommate (she swears she leaving me and moving back to Kansas next week...heifer!) came back to the "city" to bring Soldier Hubby to the airport to fly back to Iraq. It was good to see them together with the bambino (Hubby arrived stateside about 20 hours before the baby did)....but even harder to see her after he flew off into the wild blue yonder.
For all you "patriots" that stage anti-war/anti-military protests...I wish you had one-tenth of the cajones that military wives do. Watching your husband fly off to war...WAR, PEOPLE...and knowing that you will NOT be knowing much about his life or even how long said life might last...but knowing that that is his Calling...has got to be one of the most heroic things I've ever seen. Never forget...the fact that the military men and women sacrifice like they do is EXACTLY why you have the freedom to stage your anti-war/anti-military protests. Freedom of speech, punks.

Parenthood Was Designed for Two
The departure of Soldier Hubby rendered Q-R without the extra set of hands to help with keeping Baby Grape entertained and non-fussing. Enter Uber-Roomie. I, who am normally verrrry skittish around brand-new babies, heard myself volunteering to hold Baby Grape so she could get some stuff situated.

Holy Mother of God. The biological clock started with a crash.
That baby is something. We hung out and made faces at each other for a good hour...giving Mama adequate time to get some stuff done. What an incredible experience. I definitely want one of those (or maybe a few of those someday) but I definitely want Senor Papa around to partake in the multitasking. I don't know how single Moms do it. Ay caramba.

Teenagers Can Be Pains in the Ass
I realize I teach English, but here's a little math for ya:
(20 teenagers + the impending end of the semester + Barometric fluctuations x the hyperactivity of a recent "snow day" ) triple-multiplied by teachers feeling behind due to said snow day
= an aneurysm looking for a place to happen.

As my good friend Brenda used to say in moments like these: "Somebody better get a bucket to scoop up my brains...cuz it's gonna get messy."

Contentment is Cool
My last job was pretty rough. I worked for a woman who was a Piece of Work. I have never felt so demoralized/stressed out/psychologically imbalanced in my life. Turns out...it was all environmental. If you work where you're micro-managed and not appreciated and not trusted...you start to become a stressball who doesn't appreciate or trust herself. Huh, go figure.

The road of healing has been a long one.

Now I can say...I truly love where I am...and even though the children sometimes make me nuts...I really don't think I want to go anywhere for a long, long time.
I work for people who respect and value me...and trust me to do my job with my soul and my conscience as a compass. That is rare. (BAM, you're the best.)
I work with people who are supportive, helpful...and just generally a lot of damn fun to be around....and who think I'm a friggin riot! That, too, is rare. (Hellion, Corn...you ROCK.)
True, I would love to make the extra money that comes with that Administrative job (the certification I busted my ass to get last year)...but the contentment is mingling with a little bit of fear that thinks "what if I move up...and it's Double-Hell all over again".

I guess I'm going to be waiting on God to let me know what is next...cuz I'm enjoying this resting place.