The Return of Buggy

So. After almost 2 months of zero Buggy-Sightings, a lot of cranky frustrationfits on my part, some supersmooth finesse-ing of The Buggy Ego by Novia, and one excruciatingly painful for him (BUT eversoenjoyable for me) "I apologize" phone call from The Bugg....Buggy is officially
Back on the Radar.

I totally don't get teenage males.

They came over Thursday evening so Buggy could bring me the college-related mail that had accumulated during his PeriodOfInsanity. I was NOT surprised to see a letter from the Admissions office saying "We need a copy of your official transcript. Now."

I looked at him and said, "HA!!! I was RIGHT!"

Buggy: "About what?"
Me: "Remember I told you at Orientation that we needed to take that transcript to them?"
Buggy: "Yeah."
Me: "Remember how you said we didn't need to...because they already had it?"
Buggy: "Yeah."
Me: *pointed look at letter* "Apparently. They did not."
Buggy: "I guess...."
Novia: *leaves room to camouflage her snickering*
Buggy: "So. Can we get one?"
Me: "We have one."
Buggy: "No we don't."
Me: "Ummm yeah. We do. It's in that folder that Novia gave you."
Buggy: "But those aren't the final transcripts. They want final transcripts."
Me: "There are 2 sets of transcripts in that folder. One set is from when we applied for scholarships. The other set is your final transcript."
Buggy: "Oh. Okay. Should we mail it, or do you have time to take it by there?"
Me: "Why can't you?"
Buggy: "I'm at work in CrazyFarAwayFromHereCity when they're open."
"Okay. Bring it by tomorrow morning and I'll take it up there."
Buggy: "Thanks, Miss."

We then went on to have CollegeMajor Counseling Session. Buggy is re-thinking his choice of major....and has gotten himself all stressed out in the process. (*SHOCKER!!!*) He's flipping out because he doesn't know exactly what he wants to major in....and thinks he has to lock it in prior to classes starting. (anyone wanna bet that's why he was incommunicado for so long???)

He seemed to breathe a little easier when I reminded him that I started out as a business major. It took me until Spring Break of my freshman year to figure out that business was Not For Me.

Once he calmed down, I put him on an "Interest Inventory" website. The options that popped up seemed to fit him pretty well, so he's got some options to mull over.

There was one option that gave me a littlebitty heart attack:

Military Service.

When he read that one out loud, he looked at me with raised eyebrows.

I looked him dead in the eye and said, "You can just pretend that one's not even there. Move along, little Buggy."

He gave me a big ole Buggygrin, shook his head, and kept reading....

Ya know, I think he might make it.