For Me:
The first day back from vacation was perfect. No schedule, no demands on my time....just an entire day to float from one gig to another. *sigh*

Freddy, on the other hand, is experiencing a little bit of culture shock. You see, the "grandparents" spoiled him just a weeeeee bit while he was there. And while it did him good in turns of improving his socialization with humans, and putting a little bit of much-needed weight on him, he's having to adjust to a couple of things.

Like the fact that Grandpop is the bacon-cooker, not me. Therefore, I don't have bacon grease at my disposal to "sneak" onto his food. Sadly, the terribly dry dog food is not quite as attractive to the Freddynose.

A point which he is driving home by sitting next to me on the couch when he should be in at his food bowl. Usually, it only takes him about 3 minutes of frantic crunching to clear the bowl.

Right now? It's been sitting in the the other room....for a good 15 minutes.

Apparently he's on a hunger strike.

I bet he wishes he had opposable thumbs so he could make a picket sign.

Ohhhhhh, pobrecito!!