I wish...

I wish you could see what I see….

a little boy who loves to laugh and have fun.

a man who knows all too well that life is not all fun and games.

a little boy who believes people are kind.

a man who can’t help second-guessing people’s motives.

a little boy who believes life is fair.

a man who knows it seldom is.

a little boy who craves connection with the people around him.

a man who finds it hard to wholly trust anyone – but especially himself.

a little boy who feels things deeper than anyone could guess.

a man who would rather push people away than admit they hurt him.

a little boy whose very soul cries when he’s hurt.

a man who hides the tears behind anger -because it’s safer.

a little boy who knows what it is to go without.

a man who knows how to work for what he wants.

a little boy who has been disappointed far too many times.

a man who wants to protect the little boy from getting hurt any more.

a little boy who, despite everything, still believes anything is possible.

a man who needs to remember to listen to the little boy.