Enough Already!!!

I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who-the-eff participated in the North Texas Rain Dance Marathon.....but DAMMMMMMIT!!! did they have to be so incredibly effective?!?!?! I'm not even sure anymore exactly how long this rain has gone on....but it feels like MONTHS.

And while I admit that I am happy that the rain has kept my water bill down.....


Let's discuss the not-so-bueno points:
1. My pool time has been seriously curtailed.
Therefore, I had to go to my bro's wedding sans tan.
2. The extra water is making my garden grow like the blasted Amazon.
I haven't had a chance to mow it...because you can't mow during the RAIN.
3. My prissydamn dog refuses to walk on wet grass cuz he'll get his feet wet.
Therefore, he pees IN THE HOUSE. on MY NEW CARPET.
4. The rain makes a perfect soundtrack for sleeping.
Therefore, I don't do jack in the afternoons other than SLEEP.
5. I haven't seen an actual sunny day in a lonnnnnnnnng time.
Therefore, my vitamin D quota is way down due to Seasonal Affective Disorder.
6. I do not own sunlamp lightbulbs.
Therefore, my vitamin D deficiency is making me bitchier by the minute.

I'm quite sure there are more negative points to the rain....but they'll have to wait til another post. You'll be glad to know that I'm now going to put my extra-cranky self to bed. Dios Mio!!