Orientating the Bugg

The past week has been ridiculously busy...especially considering IT'S SUMMER!!!! and all I should have on my agenda is spending time by my pool.

But noooooooooooooooooooo, my butt got signed up to do TAKS Tutoring for the kiddos who didn't pass it -- and who must retake it in July.

Or they won't get their diploma.


No pressure.

Oddly enough, I'm really enjoying it. I'm getting the chance to strategize with the kiddos about their thinking and how they need to fine-tune it so they can past the damned thing once and for all.

My mantra is becoming...."Yeah, I agree that it sucks. But it comes down to this....how many more times do you want to take this blasted thing? Just once? Okay then...let's get moving!"

And...I spent the last coupla days of last week preparing the kids for my being gone for the next two days. I wanted to make sure they didn't spazz out that I wasn't there....I don't want them to lose any valuable prep time.

Why am I going to be out the next 2 days, you ask?

Because I'm going to New Student Orientation with The Bugg. It oughta be fun...boring at times... (Do I REALLY have to sit through the FERPA session??? After I LIVED and BREATHED that caca for six loooooong years in Res. Life??) but fun -- nonetheless.

I can't wait to see this phase of the college experience through Buggy's eyes. I especially can't wait for when he actually gets to hold his schedule of classes for the fall semester in his hand.

Because it's at that point that I think it's going to dawn on him........





......to which I'm going to be hardpressed not to blurt out (as I do the WhiteGirlHappyDance):

It's about f****ing time!!!