Super Duper Bad Day

It shoulda been a good one...the first full day in my new house.....but it wasn't.

I started the day off getting chewed on by UberPrincipal because I've gotten behind on updating our staff development database. A few points to note:

*I don't get paid to do this job.
*On other campuses, it's an administrator who does it.
*It's become super time-consuming thanks to the advent of Title-I funds.
*The Title-I funds don't pay me to do this.
*I have been neck-deep in preparing my EXIT LEVEL JUNIORS for the FRICKING TAKS Test.
*The very next day after the test....I started Junior Theme with them.
*I've spent every spare moment of my on-the-clock time getting ready for TAKS/JR Theme.
*I've spent every spare moment of my personal-time getting ready for the move into the house.
*I've NOT spent my personal-time doing the updating...because....wait for it...I don't get paid to do it!!!
*A month ago I went to her to see if I could split the duties with someone (like maybe the woman who is generating all the staff training....and all the extra work...) she said she'd check into it.

*When I went in today....she hadn't checked on it...NOR did she even remember us discussing it.

*But yet she sure did let me know how unhappy she was with me.

And that was only the beginning of the day....I'll spare you the rest of the story.

I'm too through with today.

I'm going to bed.