The previous owner of my house had a dog. A BIG dog. Who liked to mark his territory.
I asked the lady at the carpet store about the installation process, if the installers will clean, sanitize, etc. She said they will clean...but not necessarily sanitize the concrete floor. Seeing as how I am planning on getting a dog (a WEENIE dog!!!)...the carpet-saleslady told me I would want to pull the carpet and mop the floor with a bleach solution. This will keep MY puppy from smelling the previous "markers" and decided he needs to reclaim his territory.

No surprise here, but I was NOT jazzed about the prospect of spending my Monday evening doing this....

So I decided to call 1-800-Rent-A-Bug.

For a small fee, I was able to enlist Buggy's services. It was definitely money well-spent. I didn't have to do very much of the physical it was alllllll good.

I also convinced my best friend's husband, OkieBoy, to come by and replace the deadbolt on the front door. He brought TheQueen with him. They showed up as we were finishing with the bleaching....and Buggy was starting his switch-around-the-car-tires project. OkieBoy kept Buggy IN STITCHES with all the little potshots he likes to take at me. I'm not sure that OkieBoy has ever had such an enthusiastic audience for his stand-up routine. I was really okay with it...I had told them a TON about Buggy, so I was thrilled for them to get to meet him. (TheQueen also had a long talk with Buggy about the importance of college....LOVE her!!)

As Buggy was finishing the tires (with OkieBoy's help), I went into the house to close the windows from the bleach-toxo-cloud. As I came back out into the garage, I heard TheQueen say, "....not us. It's her." as she POINTS AT ME with that "You're going to PRISON for a LONG time" look on her face!!!!

I instantly flashed back to when we were RAs in college....and she would pin her rotten little escapades on poor little innocent me.

Thankfully, I quelled my first impulse to BOLT AND RUN.

Good thing, too. Because that would have left a bad impression on my new neighbor.


I am happy to report that I managed to escape the evening WITHOUT getting ejected from the neighborhood.