2 -- Magic Number?

Lest I jinx things.....

Freddy did not holler at all about sleeping in his crate. (Not surprising, since it's actually much more comfy than any human's bed...he's commandeered my old comforter from college, so he's sleeping on a very poofy cloud.)

He only woke me up twice.

1st time, 1:30 a.m.:
  • 1 sharp, "HEY LADY" bark.
  • then...as I was finding my shoes...
  • a very soft "I realllllllllly gotta go" whine.
  • he came right to me when I opened the door...
  • didn't squirm while I hooked him up to the EVIL PURPLE LEASH...
  • and then made a beeline for the backdoor.
  • Once outside, he went straight to the potty-spot and did his #1 business and then hauled ass back inside.
I let him off the leash, and said, "Go to bed."
He did.

2nd time, 3:30 a.m.:
  • second verse...same as the first...
  • only....
  • he actually POOPED OUTSIDE!!!!!!!
*And all the people said...."HALLLLLLELUJAHHHH!!!"

Let's contemplate yesterday's strategy:
  • Freddy stayed in the crate or on a very short leash all day (And all the bedroom doors were SHUT, just in case).
  • We went outside at consistent intervals. (Stubborn little guy still pee'd in his crate.)
  • We went for a long walk early yesterday evening (We had to do something while his blanket and towels were in the washer).
  • The bartender cut him off at about 8:00. (The chef had clocked-out much earlier....just in case.)
  • I went EXTRA-crazy with the "Good Boy's" and "Yay, Freddy's" after each "Movement".

Yeah, I admit...it's not really rocket-science....but I'm pretty jazzed!!