Space, pt. 2

Novia called me this morning....asked if I wanted to come hang out with her during her break.

I did.

It was a very informative meal.

*Found out she's not upset about my decision to skip the meet. She understands my reasons.

*As it turns out, it's going to be a home I'm quite positive my absence will be noticed by the coaches. (I haven't missed a home meet in a year.) The coaches, I'm sure, will ask Buggy where Ms. H is. ha!

*Got the scoop on Buggy's reactions...
---On my early-morning text message:
"Mannnn, she only sent that because she knew I'd read it."

---On my non-attention in the AP's office:
Buggy: "She came in and didn't even talk to me. That's messed up."
Novia: "Well, that's cuz you're being mean to her. Who could blame her!"
Buggy: "Whatever."

Seeee, this is what Buggy doesn't get. This I-Can-Ignore-You game he's playing?

I invented it.

Looooooong before he was born.

I told Novia, "You know, Buggy needs to figure out what he wants. If he wants space from me, then he better be okay with me giving him space ALL the time. If he wants things back like they were....with me in his corner...then he needs to realize that comes with an obligation on his part to PARTICIPATE in conversations with me. The next time I initiate a conversation will be only because he has willingly entered my show me that he GETS that life is not always going to function on his terms."

Novia's response: a grin, and "That may be the only thing that does it, Miss!"