I knew there was a reason the little putz was dodgin' me. Apparently he's been "trippin'"...his word, not mine. (He even apologized for the whole yelling/hanging up incident.) He didn't want to talk about what he was actually trippin' about...that would have been too easy.

Novia filled me in.

Come to find out, he's reconsidering going into the Marines.

Mr. Recruiter has been back in the picture, and has been singing the following songs:

You're not really out of the Marines yet....AND....There's nothing here in this town for you after graduation...... AND.....College is too expensive. You'll never be able to pay for it unless you do the Marines first.


My heart just hurts. First of all, I can't stand people that twist the truth, and don't paint a balanced people can make an informed decision. Add that to the fact that it kills me to see Mr. Recruiter feed on Buggy's insecurities as well as his worries about money -- and parlay that into another notch in his commission belt. I'm sure there are honest, ethical recruiters out there....(if they're reading this, I could sure use some advice seriously-email me)....but this one? Not so much.

Not to mention the fact that Buggy is not talking to anyone who could help him make a logical decision....his mom, me, his military-veteran friends, his other teachers, his counselor....NOBODY.

And the bitch of it all?

I can't mention word one about it to him....because Novia asked me not to. And I promised her I wouldn't. I don't want him to flip out on her because she told me. Because if he thinks he can't talk to her about this kind of stuff....he's going to talk to NO ONE. (And his making these decisions on his own? Not a good idea AT ALL.)

I know this is where Prayer comes in. And Faith. But....holy cannoli!! I've been talking to God about him already....and I know I need to have faith that it'll work out as it's supposed to....but I seriously don't wait well.

And that's my absolute only option at this point.

Dios mio...ayudeme.