I broke down...gave in....caved....folded like a cot.

I went to the meet with Novia.

Buggy did really well....I think. Ironically, I was so exhausted -- and preoccupied with house stuff -- that I don't remember much about his routines. I even contemplated leaving early so I could come home and crash....but Novia's purse was in my car, so I couldn't.

I stuck around long enough to congratulate him, and walk out with them so she could grab her stuff....and then I headed for the casa. I got half-way home before I realized that I didn't say goodbye to him. (He had lagged behind to talk to his Coach.)

Oh well.

On a more upbeat note....I put a bid on the house today!! I'm pretty excited about it, and I hope it works out. However, I keep telling myself that if it doesn't work out, there are other houses out there.

But wow it sure would be nice to live closer to work.

Keep your fingers crossed!