Taking A Break

This vacation has been awesome. I'm done with grades, so I've been able to just kick back...and not have to worry about getting caught up. What an incredible feeling.

We had a good time in Houston with the brother. I'm pretty sure he wasn't ready for the influx of family into his new casa. That'll teach him to work his persuasive powers on the parents. Ha! Christmas Day was a blast with the fiance' and her family...I think we've lucked out where the in-laws are concerned.

We'll see if she thinks the same thing. HA!!!!

I got back to Ubercity yesterday...and set about getting my financial paper trail in order for the mortgage dude. I had that meeting today...and am set up for the actual process of purchasing a house. Now I just have to find one....guess it's a good thing I meet with the realtor tomorrow, eh? (Before you think I'm crazy, I should tell you that I met this realtor when my friend was buying a house. I went with her a couple of times to look -- so I saw how the realtors treated her. I feel confident that they'll be good allies in this process.)

I had a date with TrainerDude this afternoon. One word sums it up: OUCH.

After a much-needed shower, I went with some friends to see Pursuit of Happyness. It was realllllllly good. I gotta admit, it was hard to watch someone live through that rough experience. The fact that he never told anyone he worked with exactly how bad things were (in his personal life) gave me pause. I mean, how many people do we come in contact with each and every day who are going through something similar to, if not worse than, what he did?!?! Makes you stop and think, eh?

I've just spent some time househunting on the internet....doing some pre-homework for my meeting tomorrow. But now, my fuzzy eyeballs are demanding some sleep. I must comply.

Before I go, I must give a Buggy Update. (I still have not heard from him since "The Yelling Incident"....I figure he'll come around when he's ready to be reasonable..at which point we will have a long discussion.) Novia called me last night, and told me that she was giving him a hard time about not attending her singing performance this semester. (He has a meet that night.) Apparently, he was being cranky about "I can't go...I can't miss the meet"....and she told him that it was okay if he wasn't there -- at least Ms.H would be there for her.

He got quiet, gave her a supercranky look, and said, "But she'll be at my meet."

To which Novia replied, "I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh?"