Special Delivery

Somehow my brother convinced our parents that Christmas should be at his house in Houston, rather than at their place in Arkansas. Not sure how he managed that....but he did.

Sooooooo...the parents drove through the Metroplex and picked me up on the way. As we came down I-45, we stopped at Woody's Smokehouse in Centerville for some turkey jerky for my brother. I got his jerky...got it vacuum packed (so we wouldn't have to hear the puppy whine alllll the way to Houston)...and went to the car. It was at that point that AggieBro called to place an order for his friend, CouchDweller.

AggieBro: Get $15.00 worth of turkey jerky for CouchDweller.
Me: Okay. Just $15?
AggieBro: Yeah. He ate all of mine last time...but said he's only paying for 15 dollars worth.
Me: Okay. So if it's more than that, he's not paying the extra.
AggieBro: Right.
Me: Check.

I go baaack in to stand in line again....for another 10 minutes.
SmokehouseDude: Back so soon!
Me: Yeah, my brother called in his order AFTER I got to the car. I'm thinking there's going to be surcharge.
SmokehouseDude: *gleeful laugh* What can I get for ya, Hon?
Me: I need $15 of turkey jerky....but no more than that. I have strict orders that I won't get reimbursed for more than 15.
SmokehouseDude: *grinning* Okay...exactly 15.00...

SmokehouseDude turns to the scale...starts adding the pieces of jerky ever-so-carefully so he can keep an eye on the weight.

He finally stops, looks up at me, and says, "14.98. How's that?"

Me: Perfect!
SmokehouseDude: *as he prints out the ticket* I hope your brother appreciates the special delivery.
Me: Oh, he will. Trust me! Hey...can you vacuum pack that one, too?
SmokehouseDude: Well, sure. But I've gotta charge ya 25 cents. *wink*
Me: Well..in that case...considering I'll never see that 23 cents again....can ya hand me that piece off the top?
SmokehouseDude: Sure thing, hon. And I'll even leave the sticker loose in case you need to add extra charges to their bill. I'm afraid this special priority shipping could get pretty expensive for him!!!
Me: Indeed it will. Indeed!