Whew. Made it.

I made it. It's Friday night...and I not only made it through the week alive...but also WITHOUT a police record. That's saying a lot, considering it was a short week. *grin*

Buggy & CB showed up in my room this morning before school. With breakfast from McDonalds. Turns out, CB had woken up extraearly this morning, and was intent on getting Buggy up so they could go to MickeyD's for breakfast. He was SO intent that he gave up momentarily on getting Buggy's rastybutt outta bed so he could go iron their clothes for today. That way, when he finally succeeded in motivating Buggy out the bed, they could roll on out the door.

They hit my room about 20 minutes before the tardy bell for first period. (The zero hour for getting the work to Hellion.)

Too bad he wasn't as intent on taking his work to Hellion. He might have more than A FOURTEEN for an average in SENIOR ENGLISH!!!


Maybe if she had the Golden Arches outside her room. Maybe that's the key.

(Small victories. Apparently karma does exist. And it wasn't happy about CB slacking off....because he not only got NO sugar for his coffee, but he also got the WRONG SANDWICH. He got an EggMcMuffin instead of a McGriddle.)

Take that, ChildOMine who has experienced tragic brain damage.

I went to my first football game of the season this evening. (I haven't been able to go til now, either because of the volleyball concession stand...or because I just couldn't handle the idea of my babies getting their butts handed to them. Again.)

I had a great time! I went with Hellion and another teacher. We laughed SO hard!!

I also got to see a bunch of my kids from years past. Remember TardyGirl? She came and sat next to me during the whole 2nd half. We caught up...turns out she's officially done with her controlling/emotionally abusive exboyfriend, and is getting her life back on track academically. Awwww!

My kiddos actually played a really good game. We were pretty evenly matched point-wise. And we held them to only a 3 point lead...er, win. (But 3 is a much prettier number that the buttwhoopin' that occurred last week.) Aiy caramba.

I'm a little concerned because I yelled SO much...and my throat feels like high-grit sandpaper. I hope it feels better tomorrow. I have kids to corral/harrass/torture in Saturday School. No, it's not real torture....it's only making themdo schoolwork for 3 solid hours on a Saturday, after they write the "Error of My Ways" essay. My cohort played an 80s radio station during the entire 3 hours last time. (The kids had the same amount of love for that as Buggy did for my music last night.)

I'm thinking I may put a Ms. H spin on the 80s stuff...and since I don't want to infringe upon my cohort's trademark...I think, for the entire 3 hours, I'll play....


And not Big&Rich country. Or Kenny Chesney country.

Noooooooooooooo....I'm talking the twaaaangy stuff. The stuff that'll make the li'l cherubs ears BLEED.

I'm also thinking about creating the "Saturday School Montage o' Pain" playlist on my IPOD. If you can think of any extremely painful songs for today's urban teenager...please leave a comment with the song title and the artist. If you know the specific cd it's on, that'd be great to know as well. If not, I'll look for it on Itunes.

Hey.....maybe I can get my principal to underwrite the cost of all the downloads from ITunes. Since I'm going to use the funds to "acquire materials that will assist in reducing our recidivism rate in Saturday School, and reduce our percentage of students who are assigned to alternative disciplinary educational programs".....maybe she would give me some dinero to create the

Saturday School Montage o' Pain.

Whaddya think??!?!?