Happy, Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, September 10th, marks the beginning of my 35th year on this planet. I have always loved my birthday...mainly because I give myself permission on that day to do what I want. Not what someone else wants me to do...or what I feel I should do...but what I want to do. (And yes, that's very similar to how I live the other 364 days a year, but at least on Sept. 10th, I don't feel guilty about it!! ha!)

As I close out #34, I feel it's necessary to note the high points.

In the past year, I:

*lived with a roommate for the first time in over 10 years.
*did not drive the roommate from the apartment with my neuroses...but rather, found the sister that blood did not give me.
*experienced pregnancy and deployment vicariously through said roommate (redefining my definition of "hero" in the process.)
*contracted BabyFever from the roommate and her bambino.
*have become addicted to journaling my life in a public forum...an anonymous public forum...but a public forum, nonetheless.
*quasi-adopted a scrappy Puertorican kid who subsequently stole my heart.
*have run the gamut of emotions from fear to frustration to heartbreak to joy to pride as if I really were his parent.
*decided to forego the jump to the adminstrative level for a while because I love teaching.
*learned how to let myself be real with my students -- how to let my authentic self shine through in my daily interactions with the kids.
*have experienced the incredible heart-reward that comes from truly connecting with the kids.
*have faced down many an intimidating-looking, attitudinal, student and had them respond favorably...even though they easily could've rendered my face boneless.
*made a commitment to get healthy...for now. Forever.
*have gotten in the best shape of my adult life.
*have dropped 35 pounds (hmmm, now that I think about...is that number a coincidence???)
*feel more confident about my body image than I have in a while.
*feel confident enough about myself to contemplate entering the dating world again...


*spent the last 90 minutes of the last day of my 34th year on the phone with a man....

Who subsequently asked me out ON A DATE!!


I said YES!!!


If this is how #34 went........I can't wait to see what #35 has in store.......

stay tuned.