Birthday Weekend

It was an awesome weekend!!

I spent a ton of time with friends and family....both in person (TeacherBuddy, Hellion, SingingGirl), on the phone(NewMan, EvilQueen, The Crazy Aunts, LawyerGirl) and via the internet (My blogland and IM buddies). Gotta love the electronic age, eh?

I'm pleased to report that one of the phone calls I received today was from The Bug. Yep. Mr. Invisible called me to say, "Happy Birthday, Miss." (Yeah, yeah, I hear ya....Awwww! How sweeet!) He was actually somewhat chatty....I was incredibly amazed that he spent a whole 15 minutes on the phone with the "old lady". (When I asked him if he was impressed that I made it to the phone, given my advanced age....he told me that I was now officially over the hill.....bratchild!! ) :)

In between phone calls, I've been grading papers. I'm constantly amazed by the randomness that my children can come up with. It definitely keeps life interesting, I'll say that!

Allrighty folks, it's time to call another Ms. H-B-day good...and head to bed. I gotta get rested up for's going to be a looooooong day. Hope it's a good one for you!

:0) Hasta!