Chipping Away at the Silence

Crazybrother came in to talk to me during lunch...he was really upset about something--couldn't really get him to articulate what exactly--but he was upset. He doesn't want to be at school...doesn't really have a good answer for where he'd rather pretty sure he doesn't want to drop out again....yet he can't get it together to get his classwork done....

And, yes. I ended up with another crying teenage male in my room.

Aiy, caramba.

As I'm blasting through my problem-solving regimen (lunch is only 28 minutes long, not enough time for the full works), I start asking him if he's talked to anybody else about what's going on. He hasn't talked to his parents (they're so wacko it's not even funny) I ask if he's talked to Buggy's mom. He says no, that they've got enough problems of their own.

I start to ask if he's talked to one of the counselors...he interrupts me to say:
"Buggy told you they're getting evicted, right?"

"Um, no. Where are they staying?"

"They haven't moved out yet...but they don't know."

And it all came blindingly clear.

That's exactly why Buggy's been avoiding me...either he's been embarrassed to tell me, or he's afraid that I'll dig too deep and figure out what's really going on...that also explains why he wanted to drop gymnastics and get a job. It was to help with the bills.

Thank God for Crazybrother and his motormouth.

The irony: at the same time that Crazybrother and I were talking in my room, around the corner Buggy was reading the letter I wrote him.

Crazybrother and I talked til the end of lunch about getting a strategy together for him to take care of his classes. I hope he can stay on the path....I told him I'm willing to help him, as long as he wants my help, and as long as he's meeting me at least halfway. He accepted that.

After school, I had a meeting with my officers for the Junior class. They are a SCREAM!! They seem like a great bunch of kids...very motivated, and take-charge people. After discussing fundraisers and meetings...I told them that they needed to go talk to Uberprincipal about having a few minutes to talk to their class at the class assembly tomorrow. They were a little nervous about 1. going to talk to her and 2.getting up in front of their class.....but they'll be fine!

I got home and sent Buggy a text message. I said CB told me about the eviction, and that I guessed that's what he had been worried about. I asked him to call me b/c I needed to know he was okay.

Holy schniekies, Batman!! He called me right back.

He was not incredibly talkative...or forthcoming...but I did find out that they're moving at the end of the month. To where, they're not sure.

That remains to be seen, I suppose.

I mentioned his silence...he asked me why I was taking it so personal. He said, "Miss, if something like this is happening to you, you don't want to talk to everybody about it."

I said I could see that, but that I was worried. That, in the past, even if he wouldn't talk to anybody else...he would talk to me. So, his not talking to me made me worry that he was internalizing everything.

He didn't comment.

We didn't talk much longer...but I asked him to let me know if he needed anything. He said he would. We'll see....

If you have a few prayers handy...and can send 'em this way, I'd be much obliged. These two boys are hurt-ing...and I don't know what, short of a miracle, is going to help.