Real quick...because I need to go meet my friend for dinner:

Crazybrother came to see me between classes this morning...saying he wanted to go to the self-paced high school. As we're discussing it, around the corner comes Buggy...running his yap about "Yeah, I wanna go there, too!" (I'm pretty sure he was kidding...he's inches away from graduating the 'regular' way.)

Yes, Folks. That is correct.

Buggy found his way to my room.


Holy crap.

They were in my room for several minutes, and it was like the past 4 weeks hadn't occurred. Buggy was upbeat, cracking jokes...his usual ADHD self.

The kicker is this:
He parked his car on the east side of the school.
His class is on the east side of the school.
My room is on the far west side of the school.
He walked past his classroom TO my room for a 4 minute visit....

And he wanted me to believe his absence the past 4 weeks has been because he's "busy"??

Puhleeeeeze. This is NOT my first time at the rodeo.

Tell me another one.

Thanks for your prayers/support/warm fuzzies....apparently they are all working - cuz The Bug is back on the Radar.

(That being said, I'm still going to give him space and not crowd he doesn't have reason to disappear again.)

I'll keep you posted.